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AgoraCart is a full-featured shopping cart program that I use for my wife's diaper business (cart not active until February). As I was programming it, I wanted to search through the Yahoo archives for previous messages that dealt with my problems. Unfortunately, searching through the 15,000+ messages on Yahoo took forever and was quickly decided to be unrealistic. So, I decided to do something about that.

I downloaded all the archived messages from Yahoo, converted them into a simple database format and used Borje Hagsten's excellent POFFs engine to view the database. AgYaOff is the result of that union. I'm indebted to Mr. Hagsten for allowing me access to his PowerBASIC sourcecode and allowing me to tweak it to suit my needs.

Use AgYaOff to search in postings made to Agora's Yahoo group. Extremely informative, with many thousands of questions, answers and source code samples available for fast and easy offline search. All in all, the unpacked databases carry more than 31 MB of useful information about everything regarding the Agora shopping-cart system.

AgYaOff is Freeware. I will not charge any money for it. But I can ask for small contributions/donations to help keeping the program and the inspiration for maintaining it alive. So if this program and all the work that lies behind it is worth something/anything to you, please don't hesitate to send a small contribution, like a dollar or more (or EURO, whatever your currency is) to my PayPal account.

Simply download the files, unzip to a suitable folder, then create a shortcut to the program the usual way.
File Description Size Last Updated
AgYaOff's main executable 87-KB 01.31.04 Screenshot
2001 Public Message Archive 194-KB Complete
2002 Public Message Archive 1.2-MB Complete
2003 Public Message Archive 4.0-MB Complete
2004 Public Message Archive 2.8-MB Complete
You can only attain the Pro message archives by becoming an AgoraCart Pro member. Visit for more information on becoming a member.

Follow these links for more information about AgoraCart:

Official Web Site:
Installation Guide:
Cool Tips, FAQ, and Forum:
Official Download page:
Official Online Manual (tutorial submissions welcome):


A cool utility by George Bleck that will showcase when a user has posted. It'll show day of week, time of day, number of posts and percentage of posts. It must be run in the same directory as the AgYaOff databases. The PowerBASIC 7 for Windows source code is also included.
File Description Size Last Updated
WhenOn 32-KB 01.25.04 Screenshot


A small program written by me that will showcase each user and how many posts that user has made. Mr. Bleck's program shows all this information as well; but, this list can be copied and pasted to show top ten posters and such. It must be run in the same directory as the AgYaOff databases. The PowerBASIC Console Compiler 3 source code is also included.
File Description Size Last Updated
NumPosts 14-KB 01.28.04 Output Text

Last updated on January 5, 2004,
by Kurt Reonis