EmpStat will have the distinction of compiling information from the online RPG, Empiriana. From within Empiriana you can capture text by pressing the F8 key which then stores the text into a local file "emptext.txt". EmpStat pulls various bits of information from that file for your perusal.

Granted, not everyone is going to care about this; but, I find such tidbits fascinating.

Take a look at the sample output for my character, Thorac. You can see that Thorac can hold his own in a fight and take a bit of damage as well. After looking at the example, you can see it's almost futile for me to use the Hack swing of my sword when the percentage to hit on Thrust is only five percent less with a much higher damager per hit and damage per attempt (the real power number).

I've recently revamped EmpStat to be pretty comprehensive. It'll compile stats for any swords, axes, clubs, arrows or flasks. I've also finished coding the program to compile data based on the Hero spell-casting...still working on compiling data from the enemies though.

There are several other features that are implemented; but, I'll let the summaries below explain. Also, please contact me if you're interested in providing captures from your sessions, I'm particularly interested in spell-casters and archers. I may need beta-testers as well; but, I'd much rather have people that have either quested with me or helped me before in Empiriana.

Last updated on September 11, 2002,
by Kurt Reonis