Goldenhair Rainbow

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Race: Weimic Class: Paladin Alignment: Lawful Good Level: ?
Gender: Female Height: ?" Weight: ? lbs. Age: ?

Goldenhair is a Weimic... that is, a cross between a lion and human, much as a centaur is a cross between a horse and a human. Her family, called a pride, was captured (or killed, she's not really sure.) long ago by a mage seeking either things to experiment on or parts. Whichever, she's not very fond of magic now.

She's extremely supersticious, and more then a little techonolgically behind. She's used and experienced fire, but that's about it. Magic... especially necromancy being used around her enrages her, to the point of fear. Rainbows, on the other hand, are taken as signs of good fortune, and she finds them inspiring.

Now she is searches for a group of adventurers to help her find her pride...of course, first she has to find civilized people that don't treat her as a monster. She's going to have to get over her fear of magic and the people that use it first, though.

Favorite weapons: Long sword, natural claws, spears (or other thrown missile weapons, like javelins).

Goldenhair Rainbow is an andaman, an odd race that no one knows how came about. A human creature, resembling "Animorph" comics (Equine the Uncivilied, et al) for several different races. Golden is specifically a puma type. Andamen have one other attribute, to become the animal they resemble, indisinguishable from normal varations.

Golden is a Paladin of the Goddess of Healing, and like most cats, act like everyone's mother. She inanely curious, but usually not to the point of where it puts herself in physcial harm. A collecter of healing items, one of her prized items is a magick gauntlet called "The Martyr's Gauntlet" that will transfer wounds of another, healing them, and damaging herself. Another item which recieves regular use is the Titan's Bracer, which grant's one titan's strength, while making one as dexterous as a titan (IE: a severe penalty both to dexterity and to hit)

Her weapons include the Holy Blade Eternal Flame, specifically enhanced damage against truly evil and supernatural creatures (evil priests, undead, demons, etc).

Her holy steed, Auron, is a faithful Palamino type warhorse, known for a ego, sense of humor, and a sharp kick. Then again, he's also known to steal apples that get to close.