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Race: Human Class: FG/MU Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Level: 7/7
Gender: Male Height: 72" Weight: 170 lbs. Age: 26

Teler is tall, blonde and gorgeous. Although he was a nobleman of Vilmir, he has always had a taste for bright, flashy clothes, and nowadays he looks every inch the mercenary adventurer. His most striking feature is his eyes - they're crystal orbs (literally!) that flash with a rainbow of a million different colors. His magical eyes let him see things that are invisible to more mundane vision. He carries a light, delicate-looking sword made of clear crystal - when the sword takes a life, it drains the soul into the blade, and the clear crystal takes on a single color (appropiate to the soul that was drained). As more and more people are slain by the blade, more and more different colors fill the blade, until it's swirling with a rainbow of bright color, just like Teler's eyes.

Teler is a powerful sorceror, although raw sorcerous power is not what he's interested in. Teler is interested in beauty, and preserving and collecting fine and beautiful things. He has absolutely no conception of ethics; aesthetics is the only thing that matters to him. He serves the Lord of Chaos Arioch, and is often used as a pawn in Arioch's games of supernatural intrigue. Teler is a very whimsical person and has been known to do strange and adventurous things just because he thought they would be fun.

All of the adventures I played him in were so long ago that I don't remember them at all well. He used to be a nobleman of Vilmir but he had his estate siezed and barely escaped with a lynching when his studies of sorcery and Chaotic leanings were unmasked. In a very early adventure he lost one of his eyes to a throwing axe and he spent most of his career after that trying to find some way to restore his face to perfection. It wasn't until much later that he found the set of crystal eyes - he had to gouge out the eye he still had so he could replace both of them and have a matched set. On his last adventure, he became an agent of Arioch and he's been sent from plane to plane by Arioch to achieve some goal on each one.