The purpose of RPGSort is to rename and sort all of your available RPG e-books whether they be fan-based or purchased from Wizards of the Coast.

I initially began work on this program for my own personal benefit to have a standard available on my computer. A friend, Max Amum, suggested all the users settling on a standard naming scheme that would allow full collecting and purchasing to be easier. The program has been written entirely by me. I started the database and passed it to Max Amum to continue, Z' Var ran with it from there and now I'm currently looking to section it off to a group of people.

If you're interested in assisting with the database (please be), contact me and let me know what world and rule set you are interested in assisting with. If I've any takers, I'll list them here as they express their interest.

Screen Shot: Click for larger view

Clean, smooth interface.

I've created a complex command-line driven program that'll examine every file found in the directory. I take the 32-bit CRC of the file, compare it against our database and if a match is found--sort it and rename it!

The process is easily summarized like that; but, things can be a little more complex. There are several options to take care of varied interests.

I wanted to be sure that not only did RPGSort rename and sort files, it could provide some much needed purchasing support. So, RPGSort also creates the files "rpghave.lst" and "rpgmiss.lst" to showcase the files in your library and the ones missing. Now we just have to figure an easy way to afford those missing fills!

The core of the program is based on sorting and renaming. There are (currently) two different naming schemes: ...and those can be edited with command-line switches. You can replace the separator in the filename with whatever single character you prefer or even remove it. That means the first example from above could be:


Now understand that this is just a preview and not everything is quite implemented; but, things are progressing at a frenzied pace and you should see results quite promptly in the coming months. Just below I give an abbreviated summary of some catchy points (lame, I know) as well as programming goals to overcome.

Last updated on June 06, 2003,
by Kurt Reonis