Empiriana Build Changes

I'm hoping that this will be of some assistance to the players that haven't been online for awhile and want to do some catching up. I'll be listing all the changes between the builds that I've noted (or that's been shown to me). I'm getting the version number from the title across the login screen. In the version that's current:

...I'd denote the version as Sep 2005 1.994f. Pretty simple. Be aware that there are HUGE spoilers here. The maps have no notes on them; but, you can still see secret doors and the like. Also, feel free to read about the secret map at the IRealms Forums and see if you can find it. I found it but I need the key to get in the door! You can view a larger screenshot by clicking on the images.

Sep 2005 1.994e to Sep 2005 1.994f

No known changes. Maybe just an engine update?

Apr 2003 1.994d to Sep 2005 1.994e
04.10.06 - updated 04.11.06
Old Map
New Map
Map and Notes
01 - 1000 Paths
  • The south central section has been changed a bit for easier moving.
  • The one-way doors by Forgotten Cache's entrance are removed.
01 - East Cavern
  • The death-of-all-newbies door in the north central section has been removed.
01 - The Deserted Caves
  • The section around the teleport in the south central section makes a distinct I shape now after removing some walls.
  • The middle two doors going to the Entryway have been removed. The eastern one has had a wall removed beside it as well.
  • Below the pit in the south eastern section but above the wall squiggle has had a wall removed.
01 - The Entryway
  • The area that lead to The Council Chambers in the middle has been reworked
01 - North West Cavern
  • Has moved the secret door in the SE quarter down a square
02 - A Long Walk
  • The secret door that's in NE quarter that points to the east wall is now a one-way door
03 - Unsure Footing
  • Has a one-way door at the end of the falls to the west
08 - The Entryway Of Desolation
  • Now has walls around the pits in the NW and NE.
08 - The Pinnacle
  • The north central door can now be opened as well as a shortcut just south of the pit in the center.
09 - Circumvention
  • Added some water on the eastern side.
11 - Beguilers Dungeon
  • Now has a teleport to take you to new hunt area between the two water spots in the southeast.
11 - The Stomping Grounds
  • New map for adventuring parties. Let's go stomping!
12 - Beguilers Hoard
  • New map for Hunt 7.
12 - Cursed Domicile
  • New map for Hunt 7.
12 - Cursed Tower
  • New map for Hunt 7.
12 - The Gauntlet
  • New map for Hunt 7.
28 - Pandemonium
  • New map for group play.--I haven't adventured with anyone that can win a fight yet. Well, that all changed when Sir Die was on and I took a stab at Level 28 with him. First two fights had too many casters and they smoked us and the third fight was won! Thanks for the help, Sir Die.

Dec 2001 Beta Ver. 1.994c to Apr 2003 1.994d
Old Map
New Map
Map and Notes
00 - The Hall Of Ceremonies
  • Reworked the southern section to house the books that start each of the Hunts.
01 - The Reservoir
  • The water in the north central section gained a wall on the west side.

Last updated on April 12, 2006,
by Kurt Reonis