Ego's Links

Every homepage has them...links to other sites and friend's pages. Take a gander around and be sure to come by again.


PowerBASIC The language that more of my programs are being written in. A powerful DOS-based language that's still pretty cheap ($99).
Wotsit's Format Paul Oliver has created a great site with many documents related to programming. From here you can gather much information on the formats of different files.
The All BASIC Code Archives William Yu has provided a huge amount of source files and reference material for the BASIC programmer. This is the home of the ABC Reader and ABC packets.
Ralf Brown's Files Ralph has compiled a huge listing of information for the IBM PC and compatibles. This is the home of the The Interrupt List!


All the CRPGs in Development Here is a huge listing of CRPGs in development. Some will be discarded; but hopefully, some will see the light of the screen.
Online Shareware RPG CRPG Headquarters Another listing of CRPGs. This one is a list of shareware RPGs that have been released or may still be in development.
Project Gutenberg Here you will find many books (classics and not) that have been converted to ebooks.
Computer Virus Myths Here is a large compendium of myths that have been attributed to viruses.
RarSoft Other than the updated PKWare product PKZip 2.50 for DOS, this is my favorite archiving program. You will find that most of the files within Ego's Art List use this format.
Universal Game Editor Jack Hartman created a simple program to allow users to hack saved-game files--very useful!
Google The search engine that I most frequently use.

Last updated on January 15, 2000,
by Kurt Reonis