Screen Shot

Power-Filter's Main screen.

Power-Filter is a program that fills a void in a most excellent program called Power-Grab. Power-Grab doesn't support filtering and I wanted an automated way to remove queued files. I played around with the queue file that Power-Grab creates and I then posted a request on the Cosmic Wolf forums. Chris Morse was gracious enough to post the VC++/MFC code so I could understand the structure of the queue file and Power-Filter was created!

To get a queue file for Power-Filter to filter is simple. Open Power-Grab, batch all of your files to download. Exit Power-Grab and run Power-Filter in the directory that the _queue.dat file is stored in. After filtering, run Power-Grab with your newly filtered queue.

Simply download the files, unzip to a Power-Grab's Data folder, then create a shortcut to the program the usual way.

Last updated on January 29, 2004,
by Kurt Reonis