Ego's Header

Hello and welcome to my new homepage. Help yourself to any ideas that I've presented here and I hope that you enjoy your stay. I'll continue to update and improve the page as time permits.

Sites to see...

FRUA Art List is not currently up here...wait till you see the next version!
Mac Page has a few resources for our friendly Mac users
Gallery of Our Egos is a repository of our role-playing characters
Ego Editor screenshots and information from UANL 22
Editorial from UANL 20 that states how I rate designs

Useful archives...

CharList (r5.16.99, 28k) program to list NPCs, PCs and monsters... more details.
DevClean (r11.15.99, 40k) removes useless header information from the FRUA-DEV archives... more details.
EgoEdit (r1.16.00, 79k) allows you to edit your characters information for play in UA... more details.
FRUA FAQ (v2.3, 364k ) current and updated... more details and list of topics.
Random Trap (r5.18.99, 30k) utility to create random traps... more details.
UANL's (1-3, 18-20) converted to DRC Format

Last updated on January 15, 2000,
by Don Ewald