Gallery of Our Ego's

This page is devoted to our favorite characters; whether it be an old character of ours or an enemy that is always behind the latest crime. Look here for ideas to add to your designs, be sure to send comments to the respective authors, and be sure to enjoy the sites.

Some pages might make reference to FRUA Related Information. This page might include: indepth statistics, Combat Icons, More pictures, "*.cch" files, and other such information.

These pages are simply a showcase of our great minds, be sure to contact the author if you'd like to use their creation.


Elric Submitted by James Rand.
Goldenhair Rainbow Submitted by The Zorker.
Kurt Reonis Submitted by Don Ewald.
Scourge Submitted by James Rand.
Teler Submitted by James Rand.
Yama Submitted by James Rand.
Daranon Submitted by James Rand.

Last updated on April 28, 1999,
by Don Ewald