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Greetings from my new webpage. This will be the homesite to whatever utilities I create. I'll continue to update and improve the page as time permits.

Sites to see...

FRUA Forums The online forums for users of Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures.
FRUA Archive A mirror-archive of all the files available on the main FRUA repository that is maintained by Steven Brobst.
Forgotten World This is my FW for the public. It showcases maps and other information about this fine online game. The password protected, detailed site is here.
Fish for Thought My simple blog.
Demise: Rise of the Ku'tan A page dedicated to a cool, old-school RPG.
Kimaru A cool mini-golf game.
Campaign Cartographer Maps Map that I created of a PC's warehouse/quarters in Waterdeep's dock district.
DungRand A program that'll randomly generate dungeons for use in CC2 by Profantasy.
RPGSort Preview and notes
PFArch Archive of all of the Yahoo messages about ProFantasy products
Treasure of the Rudras Notes and thoughts about the SNES game, Treasure of the Rudras
AgYaOff Archive of all of the AgoraCart Yahoo messages
Golden Sun Notes and thoughts about the GBA game, Golden Sun
POFFS Backup Mirror of POFFS Files
Jellyfish Editor Plugins that I've created for the Jellyfish Editor for PowerBASIC.
FRUA Old Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures page
Power-Filter This utility will filter the Power-Grab queue file based on regular expressions.
Empiriana Build Changes List of changes between the various builds of Empiriana.
EmpStat Notes about my Empiriana stat generator
Empcro My macros for Empiriana
Servers The various servers I use on my computer
Links to elsewhere
Wise Words Odd phrases that have struck a chord within me at some time.

Last updated on June 27, 2009,
by Kurt Reonis