Kurt's Forgotten World Thoughts

I love the old Gold Box games. After graduating high school, I went to college and learned about FRUA. I would've loved to play Neverwinter Nights online; but, I missed that opportunity as it was shut down in 1997. Fast forward a little bit and now we have Forgotten World. This game resembles the game play of the NWN and the single-player Gold Box series. Much fun!

Feel free to email me if you have updated maps or any other information about these fine games.

FW Clock

This small utility has been proven useful to me at times. I kick it off when I'm curious if it's day or night within FW without having to load the game. There are some fights that are triggered based on time and it's proven helpful for my mapping.Give it a try if you'd like. Download FWClock.zip (40.8 kB).

FWClock (19K)

FW and NWN Quests
05.31.09 - updated 06.06.09

These are my maps for various quests that I've found in the FW. I've linked the texts from some of the quests in the oNWN. I'll be gradually be adding my notes too. I doubt that I'll knock those out as fast as the maps though. Please feel free to let me know if I've missed any.

Quest Map Item to Return Notes
Find Mayor Tesh Tsugaria Test, Floor 3 Warm fuzzies  
Thieves Guild Southshire Warm fuzzies  
Release Homer Oake Merandis Dagger of Striking  
Scrawled Note Willowhaven Scrawled Note  
Medallion Toucan Pirate Complex Pirate Medallion Old Notes
Save Giselle Merappi Marsh Jewelled Pendant Notes
Sword of Dave Tyrin Ruins Sword of Dave  
Letter with Toucan Emblem Gideon Under Letter with Toucan Emblem Old Notes
Harbor Password Gideon Under Whatever the password currently is New Notes Old Notes
Ticket Gideon Under Ticket New Notes Old Notes
Amulet of Health, Step 1a Stonebridge/Rivermoore Under Staff of Jolith Old Notes
Amulet of Health, Step 1b Stonebridge/Rivermoore Under Blessed Crystal Old Notes
Amulet of Health, Step 2 Stonebridge/Rivermoore Under Sacred Scepter Old Notes
Amulet of Health, Step 3 Stonebridge/Rivermoore Under Amulet of Health Old Notes
Ajante Dagger, Step 1 Gideon Rope Old Notes
Ajante Dagger, Step 2 Gideon Ajante Dagger Old Notes
Cragspire's Cube Cragspire Hill Crystal Cube New Notes Old Notes
Incandescent Jewel Crooked Reed Under Incandescent Jewel Old Notes
Gold Doubloon Queen Anne's Revenge Gold Doubloon New Notes Old Notes

FW and NWN Maps
04.17.09 - updated 05.31.09

This is a simple table representation of the maps within Forgotten World. I've also included the names from maps in NWN. You can click on the FW map name to open the maps that were created by me and the folks at Bastille Gazette (Tsugaria Test, Bastille and Caverns) and Vixenkitty (Southshire). The maps from NWN are taken from a few different sources but you can find the majority of them here. I'm always open to other ideas, maps and suggestions. I'll put any notes about updates and such below the table.



Luskan Outpost 1 2 3 4 5

              Download this page including all maps in this zip archive.    

Gulfweed Harbor

Port Llast Harbor 1 2 3 4



Port Llast 1 2 3





Windy Cliffs 1 2


Toucan Pirate Complex

Isles Under 1 2 3

          Twisted Forest        


Warehouse District 1 2


Tipec Isles

Isles 1 2 3


Tyrin Under

Nightsedge Caverns 1 2

  Northwest Woods 1 2 3 4 - Northeast Woods 1 2 3  

Crooked Reed Under

Longsaddle Under 1 2

Tsugaria Test

Tsugaria 1


Bastille 1

Neverwinter 1 2


Harbor/Bastille Cemetery

Wharves 1 2



Floodblest 1 2



Nightsedge 1 2 3

- West Woods 1 2 3 - East Woods 1 2 3 -

Crooked Reed

Longsaddle 1 2

Tsugaria Tower, Floor 2  

Southshire 1

Southwall 1 2 3


Caverns 1

Sewers 1 2

          Southwest Woods 1 2 3 - Southeast Woods 1 2 3  

Cragspire Hill

Berun's Hill 1 2 3

Tsugaria Tower, Floor 3  


Vilnask 1 2


Merappi Marsh

Lost Hills 1 2 3

Merappi Marsh to Gideon


Triboar 1 2 3


Gideon Under

Triboar Under 1 2 3



Crossergate 1 2

Willowhaven to Merappi Marsh

Stonebridge/Rivermoore Under

Westbridge/Red Larch Under 1 2 3



Westbridge 1 2 3



Red Larch 1 2 3


Couple of Old Maps and Some Links

Here's a link to read the original Neverwinter Nights documentation on this site and the main site has many resources for NWN.The Bastille Gazette is a great fan site for FW. Here is a map that shows the layout of maps in the original NWN and another.

Click here to expand/contract the history of updates.

05.11.13 Removed link and text about Hawk's page.
08.20.10 Moved the fully notated versions and quest info to the main page.
06.07.09 Added FW Clock utility.
06.06.09 Updated quest information for Cragspire's Cube, Harbor Ticket and Harbor Password. Added information for Jewelled Pendant.
05.31.09 Cosmetic changes to Sydora, Gulfweed Harbor, SE Woods, Tyrin Under and Tsugaria Test. I've also added a section to link to quest information.
05.30.09 All maps have been notated with at least with one pass. All maps have been converted to the version three format. With this update I've moved all of the notated maps to a password protected page.
05.29.09 Stonebridge, Rivermoore and the Stonebridge/Rivermoore Under have been updated.
05.27.09 Gideon Under, Willowhaven, Tsugaria, Sydora, Harbor, Groves and Cragspire Hill have been updated.
05.26.09 Gideon Under, Sydora, West Woods and Southeast Woods have been updated.
05.25.09 Tipec Isles and the Toucan Pirate Complex has been updated. Added some simple javascript to hide these updates notes as they're starting to grow quite large.
05.24.09 Caverns, Tsugaria Test, Tsugaria Tower-Floor 2 and Tsugaria Tower-Floor 3 have been updated. I've also added an asterisk for the maps that I've yet to convert to version two; thanks to a suggestion from Katishya. As of tonight, there's only eight maps that I've not mapped and notated.
05.23.09 Tyrin Ruins has been updated. I'm also flirting with some version three ideas between gaming and life.
05.21.09 Gulfweed and Gulfweed Harbor has been updated. Only ten more maps to convert to version two; but, I've heard a rumor of a map called the Graveyard of the Ancients. I'll need to dig into that at some point.
05.17.09 Tsugaria, Bastille and Southshire have been updated. Added the connection between Rivermoore and its Under. Colored the area between the Twisted Forest maps. Lightened the gray backgrounds.
05.16.09 Bastille, Tyrin, Northeast, East, Southeast, Northwest, West and Southwest Woods have been updated.
05.09.09 Sydora, Groves and Spearpoint has been updated. I'll be slowing down quite a bit since the vacation is just about up. I did make better progress than I was expecting.
05.07.09 I'm now rolling out version two of various maps. I've now updated the maps for Gulfweed, Willowhaven, Cragspire Hill, Bastille, Gideon, Harbor, Merandis, Merappi Marsh, Southshire and Spearpoint. Let me know what you think.
05.05.09 Cragspire Hill and the Harbor/Bastille Cemetery has been updated.
05.04.09 Gideon, Willowhaven, Merappi Marsh have been slightly updated. As I remap and check everything I've decided to color indoor environments. I'm also flirting with some big changes as well for my next version. I'll see how it goes.
05.03.09 Merandis, Willowhaven and Spearpoint have been slightly updated.
05.02.09 Added my map for Northeast, Southeast and East Woods, Stonebridge, Rivermoore, Stonebridge/Rivermoore Under, Cragspire Hill, Crooked Reed, Crooked Reed Under, and Gideon Under. For my intent, all maps are considered Version 1.
05.01.09 Added my map for Tyrin Ruins, Tyrin Under, Central West Woods, Northwest Woods and Southwest Woods. Added a zip archive for download that includes all maps and this page.
04.30.09 Moved Caverns box to better represent placement within the game. Added my map for Gulfweed, Gulfweed Harbor, Tipec Isle, Tipec Isle Under and Tsugaria.
04.25.09 Added my map for the Harbor and Sydora.
04.21.09 Added my map for Merappi Marsh and Gideon. Added some links to other FW sites and a couple of maps of the layout of the old NWN maps.
04.19.09 Added my maps for Merandis, Spearpoint and Willowhaven. Added map from the Bastille Gazette for the test Tsugaria.
04.18.09 Added my map to the Groves. Added boxes for Tipec Isles and their Under.

Last updated on August 20, 2010,
by Kurt Reonis