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I've played this enjoyable game that has been translated to English by Aeon Genesis to which I'm eternally grateful for. I played through all four chapters and I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the fights and especially the magic system. The magic system is revolutionary and I haven't played any game that has something similar. Any word can be used as a mantra--some more powerful than others. Anyhow, here's the original Japanese ROM, the translated IPS, or you can download the already patched ROM.

If anyone knows of a good console hacking site, with active forums and spreading of information; please contact me.

Small Church Map and Some Screenshots

It's been a long time since I've played. I recently played through FF1 on the GBA and had a hankering for some more RnH action. Here's a simple map of the Small Church. Also, there's a room in the church that shows some dressers that is blocked by a locked door and a small girl skipping Mass. I stepped into the room and there's nothing to be done.

SmallChurch.png (41K) SmallChurchLockedRoom.png (13K)

Also, in the town Danelf, if you enter the Bazaar in the south-western part of town you'll notice a set of stairs, a filing cabinet and some pots. Nothing to be found here either.

BazaarStairs.png (12K)

Updated Translation!

Much thanks to Aeon Genesis for updating the RnH translation to version two. Much class and other details have been added to RnH.

Stat Page Complete
09.05.04 - updated 02.19.05

Talk about time consuming. This stat page is very detailed and very informative about the progression between levels. I should also warn you that it is very large, weighing in ~1.1MB. I've also uploaded a text version of the stats, it is fairly large as well weighing in at 121kb.

I've captured the level data for all playable characters including Dune, Rostam and Huey!. I wrote a small program that makes extracting the memory values for the stats from zSNES very easy. I'm hoping that I can brainstorm some cool memory editors for RnH eventually.

Also, with this update I'm gradually converting some of the pages to utilize CSS. It won't improve your experience any; but I'm treating it as a learning experience.

Town of Karn Map

Map of the Town of Karn after it's flooded.

Karn_s (26K)

Trunkz0r's Walkthrough
10.14.04 - updated 10.19.04

Much thanks to Trunkz0r! I can now provide a complete walkthrough for the various scenarios on my site. I asked permission of Trunkz0r to host his excellent FAQ and convert it to HTML. I've started that process and you can see the results on the menubar to the left. You can find the unedited version here or on the GameFaqs's site. I have many more things that I'd like to add to it. Just like my other RnH projects, as I get bored with one, I'll move to another.

I've updated the snot out of this baby:
  • I've given a cursory proof-reading and edited most typos and misspellings
  • Linked all items, monsters and places to my other lists to give you more data
  • All of the recognized mantras are listed in bold
  • Hid some of the solutions to the puzzles. Highlight the section with your mouse to reveal the answer
  • Each day is linked to an archived savestate that'll allow you to quickly navigate the game.

Forest of Rem Map

Another map. Starting to get burned out on maps...time to move onto another project.

Forest of Rem_s (36K)

Pure City Babel Maps

I had to cheat in the main map. I couldn't capture the upper right hand section, so I copied and pasted the remainder of the building from another building.

Pure City Babel_s (22K) Pure City Babel Docks (12K)
Pure City Babel Alley (13K)

Town of Len and Sigmund Glacier Maps

A couple of new maps. Nothing special about the Town of Len and the map for Sigmund Glacier has a similar story to Mantra Peak.

Town of Len_s (16K) Sigmund Glacier_s (21K)

Ruins of Sodom and Dannan Temple Maps

Nothing too extraordinary about these maps. They are part of the same overall map; but, there is a small difference. If you enter the Ruins of Sodom first and walk east to the Dannan Temple, the water at the temple is brown. If you enter Dannan Temple first and walk west to the Ruins of Sodom the water is pure!

I kind of like the feel for Dannan Temple, wouldn't everyone like to own a castle surrounded by a river and that has a waterfall cascading down the walls? Not quite sure how all of that water gets to the top of castle, nor am I sure on how much damage the constant water will have on the integrity of the walls...but who cares, it's cool.

Ruins of Sodom_s (21K) Dannan Temple_s (23K)

Mantra Peak, Sacred Forest and Sacred Gate Maps

I had some fun and headache creating these maps.

Mantra Peak
The Mantra Peak map has a repeating background that RnH scrolls over as well as clouds floating by. I captured the background and simply repeated it to fill in the uncovered area.

I had some difficulty capturing the waterfall that connects the upper portion with the lower. Keep in mind that I didn't want to capture the background (as I captured it separately), and I have no clue how to adjust the color and the transparency to make it appear realistic. After tinkering for a while, I think it turned out well.

I noticed that there is a treasure chest for Riza at the bottom of Mantra Peak. What I didn't know is how to get there. I then discovered that if you enter one of the interior rooms of Mantra Peak, you can fall into the pool and down the waterfall. Very cool.

Mantra Peak_s (24K)
Sacred Forest
This is a gorgeous map with the interlocking canopy of trees. Very peaceful. I neglected to capture the various treasure chests so I had to recapture the chests after catching that oversight.

I do need to revisit this map and capture it with Riza's mother at some point.

Sacred Forest 2 (9K) Sacred Forest_s (29K)
Sacred Gate
Another fun map that I had to cheat to capture the entire map. I still couldn't reach a couple of places and I copied other parts of the map to fill in the blank sections. In the lower left of the main map is a ladder. Unfortunately, I had to create a small section there that I couldn't reach. Also, in the upper right of the same map, I couldn't capture all of the ledge. Overall, I think my editing is fairly flawless.

One neat thing to note is the ledge in the upper left of the main map. You can see an entryway that takes you into the interior. No real use to it as it plops you behind one of the vendors; but I don't know why Square added this functional doorway.

These two maps are actually part of the same map. I've split them for cosmetic appeal; but, the way they're lined up here is how they're lined up in the game.

Sacred Gate's Gate_s (12K) Sacred Gate's Exterior_s (20K)

Cryunne Castle Map

Another map. This is of the exterior of Cryunne Castle.

Cryunne Castle_s (23K)

Coliseum Map

Another map. This is of the exterior of the Coliseum.

Coliseum (17K)

Vad and Danelf Town Maps

I've created maps of the towns Danelf and Vad. These are taken after the world as been purified. I prefer the cheerier look to the world after purification to the polluted one. And yes, the town maps are actually part of the same map. I don't know if anyone else cares for these maps; but, I like'em.

Danelf_s (55K) Vad_s (46K)

Neoseeker's Guides

Neoseeker picked up my various FAQs that have been posted at GameFAQs. Unfortunately, the only guides for RnH are the maps and such that I created. I hope that you can visit them and allow them to be a resource like GameFAQs has.

Mantra List
09.21.04 - updated 10.03.04

Here's the updated list of mantras. This list is from playing Rudra several times through all four scenarios. If you've seen a mantra that I've overlooked (which after ripping out the list of mantras from the ROM, there shouldn't be any), please contact me with its name and location. If you can provide a savestate as well I'd be quite happy.

Also, read the update about the Pollution Mantra Quest below and you'll understand more of the history to this update. The updated list is now archived instead of being a straight text file. Unfortunately with 2,297 mantras listed the text file is 602 kilobytes! Archived it is a slim 27 kilobytes.

Pollution Mantra Quest

On the GameFAQs forums:

Worker 8: While I'm at it, I might as well mention that there are a couple of mantras that I can't seem to find. It's indicated in the game that mantras are capable of inflicting pollution and preventing monsters from using mantras of a specific attribute. I haven't been able to find any mantras that have these effects.

...there must be mantras with these status effects, right? Well, I can't seem to find any that legal mantras. I can hack a mantra to cause the pollution status but I can't find a legal mantra that you can punch in and have that effect.

I took this as a challenge and used some recent developments and put the two together. See, I was able to create a simple table file that translates the hexadecimal of the ROM file into plain English. I then found the sections in the ROM that list all of the game mantras (2,143 to be exact) and ripped that text out. I then inputed the data into zSNES and ripped out the pertinent game data from the memory. Yes, this took quite some time.

After searching through my huge mantra list, I found one mantra that had the desired effect--kind of. The mantra PERSUAN is a neat but costly mantra. It will remove the polluted status from an afflicted character for 99 MPs! This mantra is the most costly found within the master list by far. The mantras JARJARBINKS, MOAB, and SKULD are all fire-based spells that affect everyone and inflict a burn status effect for only 42 MP.

Does this mean that there are no mantras that inflict the pollution status? There isn't an easy answer. I randomly entered some mantras as well as ripped out the game's list and found no answer. Once I'm done formatting the list I'll be publishing a new mantra guide; but, I'm also attempting to interpret some of the data that I don't understand. Maybe that will be the answer to the second part of Worker 8's request. If you'd like to help, feel free to email me and we'll discuss it.

Data Capture Guide

I created this guide for Cless Alvein of the Treasure of the Rudras Shrine in case he wanted to utilize my method of compiling data. Feel free to browse it and let me know if you've any suggestions.

Surlent in Cryunne Castle
09.05.04 - updated 09.22.04

There are three treasure chests in Cryunne Castle, one for each main character. Unfortunately, I've never been able to enter with Surlent to open his chest. Of course I took that as a challenge and cheated. The chest contains a weapon for Surlent called Red Eagle (a Fire Scythe with an attack of 113, sells for 2,150 Ragu). If you tour the castle, the various NPCs treat you as Riza on Day 5 before she travels to the Spirit Temple. So the question remains, can you attain this chest without cheating?

There is a solution. Worker 8 discovered it for us and posted it to GameFAQs on 9.22.04:

Worker 8: On day 13, after you return from the Abyss, return to Cryunne via Thor Volcano and Mantra Peak. Enter Vad and go through the gate at the north end of town. Take the entrance on the left and you're there.

Surlent's Chest (13K)

Last updated on May 30, 2010,
by Kurt Reonis