Rudra Logo (29K)

Here are some animations that I've created from Treasure of the Rudras. If anyone knows of an easy way to pull out animations please holler. Currently I record a movie in zSNES, then I play back the movie, as the movie is playing I select Snapshot/Incr Frame and wedge a quarter in my keyboard to capture every frame of the movie. This takes a long time. After capturing the movie, I remove all exact duplicates and then I remove any frames that were not completely updated. I import the PNGs into Jasc's Animation Shop to create my animated GIF.

Laumen of Pure City Babel

Remember that odd ghost on the house in Babel that you later learn is Laumen. I captured the animation in a GIF. Not as cool as others; but still decent.

Laumen (10K)

The Sun

After the first fight in the Tower of the Valiant the sun comes out as the announcer is speaking. I really enjoyed the brief moment of joy in the dark world. I've created an animated GIF (11K) of the screen during that time.

Sun (11K)

Seal of the Mantra of Destruction Animated GIF

This is an animated GIF of the conversation with the Danan in the Town of Len. You can speak with him by heading to the house in the upper left and speaking to the chap on the left. Is this a true mantra? Anybody have a clue? Click the screenshot below to view the GIF image (104k).

Seal_of_the_Mantra_of_Destruction_screenshot (13K)

Seal_of_the_Mantra_of_Destruction_screenshot_Japanese (13K)

Sacred Temple Boss

Animated version of the boss, Mayura, in the Sacred Temple. Not too shabby at all.

Sacred Temple (26K)

Last updated on September 5, 2004,
by Kurt Reonis