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Spacer (1K) All textual content in the walkthrough is provided with permission by Trunkz0r. You can find the unedited version here or on the GameFaqs's site. This conversion from his text guide to the HTML version is still very much in its infancy. I'll be updating as I've free time; my first goal is to finish proof-reading and then improve on ease of use. A couple of things:

  • If a mantra is not bold then that means that it's not in my mantra list. Maybe it's misspelled or I need to verify it.
  • I only link to maps that I have.
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Day 00

Leave the dragon ruins and head westward to Eremia's Manor. Go there to retrieve the Holy Grail for Dr. Muench's research. However, the Holy Grail is being stolen by Dune and Cid. Eremia tells you not to worry about it and go back to Dr. Muench.

Day 01

Dr. Muench isn't at the Dragon God Ruins anymore. He's currently at the second floor of the INN in the town to the north.

-=|Port Town Oriab|=-
Levels: (1)Surlent, (1)Legin
Items: (1)Purifier
Enemies: None.

Talk to the doctor then prepare for going to the volcano. The bartender in the PUB will teach you a new mantra.

AQUMEL: Drink named after the ocean's purification.

The house in the northwest corner of town carries a desk containing a Purifier. Then go to Castagia Lab in the northeast corner of town. Speak with Castagia and he'll let you use the boat to go speak with Solon.

-=|Thor Volcano|=-
Levels: (1)Surlent, (1)Legin
Items: (1)Medical Herb, (1)Tasty Water
Enemies: Thorsnout, Balan Bird, Gulg Rock

Head east along the bridges. When the path splits go south and get the medical herb. Then go back east. This just only contains a mantra with the word, (Attribute)REE?. The missing letter is "M", to spell REEM. So just attach a basic mantra spell to the REEM suffix and it will have the anti-mantra of that basic one. Then take the south door and go around through the next door. Cross the magma then speak with Solon. After speaking with him Sork will join your party. Exit the volcano and head back to town.

Day 02

Go talk to Dr Muench and he'll tell you to go to the Horn Cave. To get there, go through the Great Forest. There is also another thing that can be done at this point. To the east of the Dragon God Ruins lies the Sakkara Desert. In this desert there are these camel riding dudes, Paymon. They drop this weapon for Surlent called a Red Eagle. This weapon is extremely powerful for this time in the game. This weapon also allows you to attack from the back row.

When you're ready head to the east of town into the Great Forest.

-=|Great Forest|=-
Levels: (6)Surlent, (6)Legin, (6)Sork
Items: (1)Tasty Water, (1)Purifier
Enemies: Tail Dog, Rhea, SmSetavisa

Go north, until the path splits. On the right path, there's a chest with a note in it. It says escaping from battles, PEA?E. The missing letter in this case is "C", to spell PEACE. So you don't need to take that path knowing that, head to the left side. Beat the plant that is blocking the way and continue onward. Then cross the bridge to the north. Continue left and cross the bridge. Beat the plant then grab the item below him. Continue north and exit the forest.

-=|Horn Cave|=-
Levels: (7)Surlent, (7)Legin, (7)Sork
Items: None.
Enemies: Horn Bat, Purana

Cross the leaf bridge and keep going north. There isn't anything in this place, except for a Holy Robe in the back room. Dune and Cid steal this item from you. With nothing left to do here, head back to town.

Day 03

Talk with the doctor in the INN then head to the harbor. Talk with the doctor then take a cruise to Ompross. In Ompross, go to the house in the southwestern corner of town. Speak with Nurk and take the boat to the ruins.

-=|Ruins of Fahl|=-
Levels: (7)Surlent, (7)Legin, (7)Sork
Items: (1)Tasty Water, (1)Alarum, (1)Fahl Stone
Enemies: Kukuro, Leon, Hades

Go through the door on the left first, and grab the Tasty Water. Then go back and go up the stairs on the left. Press the button on your right to remove the stakes around the treasures. The treasure on the left contains 240 Ragu and the one on the right contains an Alarum. The treasure in the center contains a spell. The absorption of your enemies strength, S?ELLA. The missing letter is "T", to spell STELLA.

Then go back and press the button again to lower the stakes to go up the next set of stairs. Drink from the jar on the far left of the room then go up the stairs. On the next floor, climb up the stairs on the left. Get the Fahl Stone out of the chest and then go back and go up the stairs on the right.

Press the switch then go back and go up the middle set of stairs. Then go up the stairs where the poles once used to be. Go through the large door and be ready to fight the first boss.

Boss: Ozunne
HP: 1000
Abilities: Curse Staff
Exp: 315
Ragu: 367
Drops: None.
Weak: Water

Strategy: First, get rid of his Kukuro's. They don't have much health, so it shouldn't be easy to take them out. Then concentrate on him. Use water mantras on him with Surlent and just use regular attacks with Legin and Sork.

Day 04

After the battle, release the children. Then head back downstairs to the boat. Take the boat to Avdol. Watch the eclipse upstairs, then when you hear the scream, take the elevator to the bottom floor. Dr. Muench will be dead and Rudra of the Reptiles will come out of the Lago Stone. Rudra will kill you, and give you the jade as you're dying.

Day 05

Go upstairs and talk to the guy at the table. He'll tell you to come to the Museum of Magic. Exit town, then go north through the tunnel. When you come to the split of west and east, take the east path. Then follow the bend south until you reach the Museum of Magic.

Go through the entrance and follow the path until you reach the Lago Stone. Speak with Culgan and release the seal on the Rudra of the Humans. Then go release the seal on the Apocalypse Blade.

You'll be trapped inside of the blade and then the Rudra will return to you the surface.

Day 06

Speak with Gomorrah then go through the hole he opens. Choose one of the candidates for your new body. Then exit the area via the teleporter to the south. Then go north of the lizard town through the gate.

Speak with Sork and Solon and then Sork will join your party. Then go through the volcano and take the boat back to Oriab. Speak with Legin, Lolo and the doctor. After talking with them, Legin and Lolo will join you. Then go to the forge. Buy some equipment for Surlent and a bow for Lolo. Put Lolo in the back row and move Surlent to the front row. Then head south to Eremia's Manor.

-=|Eremia's Manor|=-
Levels: (11)Surlent, (11)Legin, (11)Sork, (11)Lolo
Items: (1)Purifier, (1)Cosmo Gun
Enemies: Deathdaril, Mondo

The front door is locked, so go through the side door. Open the three chests that are in here. Equip the Cosmo Gun onto Legin. Then go upstairs and go to the room where the Holy Grail once was. Be ready to fight a boss.

Boss: Lazm
HP: 1500
Abilities: Lazm Air, Lazm Breath, Lazm Thunder, Lazm Horn
Mantras: None.
Exp: 708
Ragu: 673
Drops: Rem Herb
Weak: None.

Strategy: At the beginning of the fight cast WEAK and SOFT on him. Then cast POWERUP and BANISH on yourself. After that, just pummel away on him. His attacks will be greatly weakened. The only one to really watch out for his the Lazm Thunder. It's a multi-hit attack, but shouldn't do too much damage.

Hausen will expose you to the light of day and you'll go back to the Netherworld. Choose another body and then exit the place and head to the Museum of Magic.

Day 07

In the basement of the museum is a talking stuffed animal. Riza's mother will be there and she'll have some things to tell you. Then exit the museum and head to the warp that leads to Thor Volcano. The party will be waiting for you there.

After speaking with Solon, go through the right door and into the teleporter. Teleport to the Ruins of Sodom. After speaking with Riza, head back and take the teleporter. Keep taking the teleport until you reach Meifa's Statue. Grab the Warp Energy and Sleipnir out the chests and head back to Thor Volcano.

Take the warp to the Underworld. From there go west and take the warp to Vilshan Ruins. Exit the ruins and head east.

Day 08

I thought the light of the sun killed Surlent, but I guess not in this case :o

(using your mouse, hold the left button down and highlight the section below)
Head to the Lost Forest and (form the clock pattern of paths. Beginning at 9. So from the entrance, go west, north, east, south). Talk with the sage in the northern house. Then go to the southwestern house and talk with the historians. Exit the town afterwards.

The sky will fall and giving you access to the Garal Tunnel. Go through the tunnel and take the east exit. Then head south into the Great Forest. Grab the Peschel Boots out of the chest then continue west. Be ready to fight a boss after crossing the bridge.

Boss: Dark Ein
HP: 3000
Abilities: Iron Claw
Exp: 1317
Ragu: 873
Drops: Moon Ring
Weak: Light

Strategy: This guy isn't too difficult. Just cast VIRUS and WEAK on him. Then keep attacking with regular attacks and light based mantras and he'll go down easily. MOENSERE is semi powerful, but nothing really to worry about.

Then exit the forest and go to Oriab. Talk with Castagia and he'll give you a Stabilizer to stop the sandstorms. Then exit and head southeast through the Dragon God Ruins and into the Sakkara Desert.

Day 09

-=|Sakkara Desert|=-
Levels: (16)Surlent, (16)Legin, (16)Sork, (15)Lolo
Items: (1)Alarum
Enemies: None.

Legin will fire up the Stabilizer and the sandstorm will disappear. Head north and grab the Alarum on the way. Be ready to fight, yet another boss.

Boss: DesertRose
HP: 2000
Abilities: None.
Exp: 2160
Ragu: 2505
Drops: None.
Weak: Lightning

Strategy: This guy mainly uses earth mantras on you. They are rather powerful and can kill your characters in one hit. Luckily, there's some status spells that can be useful here. First cast VIRUS on him. Then cast SUNA and PROTECT on yourself. Even nerfed, attacks like WARHETPRA will still deal around 100 damage to all your characters. After his health gets below 50% he'll start using a rather weak wind mantra.

After the fight, head northeast into Avdol. The town will be zombied, so try and avoid the people. Head to the northeastern side of town and into the laboratory. Take the elevator to the basement. Investigate the Lago Stone then exit the town.

Head north around the bend and follow it south into the Thor Volcano.

-=|Thor Volcano|=-
Levels: (18)Surlent, (18)Legin, (18)Sork, (17)Lolo
Items: None.
Enemies: Flame Sword, FreyjaBird, Freeance, Bone Fuga

From here head to Solon's room. After speaking with him, you'll learn that Culgan has gone to the Ruins of Ruhle.

-=|Ruins of Ruhle|=-
Levels: (19)Surlent, (19)Legin, (19)Sork, (18)Lolo
Items: (1)Rondine, (2)Horn Water, (1)Rem Herb
Enemies: Rugal, Batconnor, Knave

The group will split up with one group chasing Culgan and the other getting the Holy Grail. Get the Holy Grail from the room. Then open up the clock door and get the Rondine and the Horn Water. Then head back down stairs and trap Culgan in the basement.

Boss: Culgan
HP: 5000
Abilities: None.
Exp: 4220
Ragu: 3056
Drops: Moon Ring
Weak: Light

Strategy: First cast PIKUGAZERO, SUNA, and VIRUS on him. Then continue casting light mantra with Surlent and Lolo. Attack him with Sork and Legin. After 50% of his health is gone, he will cast SOAREEM. He'll also start to use some strong wind mantras, so it might be good to put TEONAREEM on, which halves the power of wind.

After the fight go back upstairs and exit the ruins. The water will now be purified and it will be the next day outside.

Day 10

Head North, then head west to the town of Roma. Then head southeast to the Ruins of Sodom. Go through the hole in the wall in the northeast. Then take the teleporter to the Sigmund Glacier.

-=|Sigmund Glacier|=-
Levels: (21)Surlent, (21)Legin, (21)Sork, (21)Lolo
Items: (1)Horn Water, (1)Ice Sword
Enemies: FreyjaBird, Hardlock, Ice Rock, Ice Jack, Ice Queen, Ice King, Lycea

Exit the teleporter area and go into the glacier. Take the southeastern path and then keep going. Go past the chest and through the northern door. Investigate the sword and you'll open up the bridge, and attacked by an Ice Queen at the same time.

After the battle, head back and the bridge will be there. Grab the Horn Water from the chest then head through the door. Speak with the Rudra of the Danans then go through the door next to him. Go one screen forward and one screen backwards. Fight with the Ice King then get the Ice Sword.

Then head back to the teleporter and go to Mantra Peak. Talk with Zora and she'll let you use her boat. Go down the mountain to the bottom and take the boat to Danelf. From Danelf head westward to the town of Vad. Enter the town through the east exit then take the south exit and head to the Tower of the Giants.

-=|Tower of the Giants|=-
Levels: (23)Surlent, (23)Legin, (23)Sork, (23)Lolo
Items: (1)Rem Herb, (1)Alarum, (1)Nuad Herb, (1)Huey Ring, (1)Horn Water
Enemies: Vadbaal, Dark Sword">Dark Sword, Babydoll

Go north and grab the 800 Ragu and Rem Herb out of the chests. Then go back and go up the stairs. Go up the left path and grab the Alarum out of the chest then go up the stairs. Go up the next two stairs then grab the Nuad Herb and 1100 Ragu out of the chests. Then go out the south door and grab the Huey Ring. Then go back and up the stairs. Grab the Horn Water out of the chests. Go up the next stairs and then go through the far door.

Drink from the jar and save at the statue. Be ready to fight the Rudra of the Giants.

Boss: Abilijer
HP: 4500
Abilities: Large Mace, Upper Attack, Ogre Revenge
Mantras: None.
Exp: 4848
Ragu: 1581
Drops: None.
Weak: None.

Strategy: This guy has rather high magic defense, so just hit him with regular attacks. Cast VIRUS, SOFT, WEAK, and POWERUP at the beginning of the battle. His Large Mace was so weak after that, he only did 1 damage per hit with it. The only attack to really worry about is the Ogre Revenge. Even this attack won't deal too much damage. Usually around 90 it did.

After the fight, go back and take a shard from the lago stone. Then go back and fall down the hole below the treasure chest containing the mantra. Grab the 1920 Ragu out of it then cast PEACE and exit the tower.

Then head back to the teleporter and return to the glacier. Speak with the Rudra and then return to the teleporter and go to Thor Volcano. Take the warp to the Netherworld.

Day 11

Go to the Museum of Magic and get the shard from the lago stone. Then exit and head back to Thor Volcano. Exit the volcano through the eastern exit and then go around the bend and south of the town of Avdol to the vault.

Get the Moon Ring from the treasure on the right then go in the center and get the ark piece. Dune and Cid will come and then they'll let you ride in the airship, if you let them use the contraption.

Talk to Cid in the engine room and take off to Lyla. Talk with the elder in the northern part of the town and take the ark to the Undersea Palace.

-=|Undersea Palace|=-
Levels: (28)Surlent, (28)Legin, (28)Sork, (28)Lolo
Items: (1)Horn Water, (1)Alarum, (1)Blue Swallow, (1)Ophelia
Enemies: Blue Rex, Mini Acna,

Go into the Undersea Palace. From there, go through the right door and get the 2000 Ragu, Alarum, and Horn Water out of the chests. Keep going up around the stairs until you reach a split with one path leading west and one path leading south. Take the west path and continue until you reach the Rudra of the Mermaids. Grab the Blue Swallow and Ophelia out of the sealed chests then speak with the Rudra and prepare to fight with him.

Boss: Kidal
HP: 5000
Abilities: Soul Killer
Exp: 5872
Ragu: 3305
Drops: Aqua Ring
Weak: Fire

Strategy: This guy is just a huge pain in the behind. He's probably the toughest of all the Rudra's to this point. At the beginning of the battle cast: VIRUS, PROTECT, POWERUP, and AQUNAREEM. AQUNAREEM doesn't last very long, so it's best to cast it every few turns. On the following turn cast SOFT on him. After that, attack with Surlent, Legin, and Sork. Have Lolo heal you every turn.

After the fight, head take a shard from the lago stone and return to the ark. Dune will then return you to near Thor Volcano.

Day 13

The next destination is through Thor Volcano and then to the Netherworld. But first head to the vault. Follow the black paths and get the Magic Leaf out of the chest. Then head to the Netherworld.

Head east of the Museum of Magic and talk to Gomorrah. Gomorrah will tell you to go to the Ruins of Tuhla. First you have to find the ruins, so go speak with Castagia in Oriab. The bridge is broken so you have to take the east exit out of Thor Volcano to get to Oriab.

After speaking with Castagia, head to the port and take a cruise to Ompross. Then exit the town to the north and head to Mount Delphi.

Day 14

-=|Delphi Mountain|=-
Levels: (32)Surlent, (32)Legin, (32)Sork, (32)Lolo
Items: (1)Alarum
Enemies: Rocknapock, Sigureda, NickBottom, Mukale

Go through the mountain gathering the items on the way. This mountain is pretty straight forward so just keep climbing until you reach the Ruins of Tuhla.

Go up to the top of the ruins and search the closed door. Be ready to fight a boss.

Boss: Gandharva
HP: 5500
Abilities: None.
Exp: 7804
Ragu: 1751
Drops: Flight Stone
Weak: Wind

Strategy: This guy uses some very strong lightning mantras. At the beginning of the battle, cast VIRUS, PIKUGAZERO, SUNA, SOFT, and TOUNAREEM. Then use wind mantras with Surlent and Lolo. Use regular attacks with Sork and Legin. Also heal occasionally with Surlent or Lolo.

Then a door will appear. Go through the door and head to the basement with the warp gates. These gates can get rather confusing so I'll lay it out. Gate Area 1 will be the gate after going from the starting gate.

Gate Area 1

Center: Back to gate entrance.
Left: Gate Area 2
Right: Gate Area 3

Gate Area 2

Right: Gate Area 1
Bottom: Light Sword">Light Sword
Left: Gate Area 3

Gate Area 3

Upper-left: Gate Area 2
Upper-right: Path to Lezastes
Bottom-left: Rem Herb
Bottom-right: Gate Area 1

Take the path to Lezastes and then fight him.

Boss: Lezastes
HP: 4500
Abilities: Lezastes Nail
Mantras: EERIROG
Exp: 7640
Ragu: 908
Drops: None.
Weak: Water

Strategy: Lezastes has very high magic defense, even though he's weak to water. Water only does a minimal amount of damage, so it's best to concentrate on regular attacks. Cast VIRUS, WEAK, SOFT, and POWERUP at the beginning of the battle. Then pummel him with regular attacks and heal with Lolo.

Then go through the door and play the switch game. You can only step on up to three switches before you have to start over. Go down two switches and left one switch and save at the statue. Then walk across the switches getting the treasures. Then finally, go south across the switch on the bottom treasure chest. Then go around and across that switch and through the door. Be ready to fight a boss.

Boss: Gaya
HP: 4500
Abilities: None.
Exp: 7640
Ragu: 908
Drops: None.
Weak: None.

Strategy: Gaya is very weak against regular attacks. At the beginning of the fight cast VIRUS, SOFT, POWERUP, and PROTECT. Then attack with Surlent, Legin, and Sork, while healing with Lolo.

Then go through the door. Go down the steps on the far right side and then continue onwards until you reach the mermaid boss.

Boss: Dampti
HP: 5300
Abilities: Cold Breath, Blues Seed, Shoulder
Exp: 9184
Ragu: 936
Drops: None.
Weak: Fire

Strategy: At the beginning of the battle, cast VIRUS, PIKUGAZERO, SUNA, and WEAK on him. His attacks are very powerful. Some of them, even powerful enough to kill you in one hit. Attack with Sork and Legin. Heal with Lolo and alternate casting fire mantras and healing mantras with Surlent.

Go down the stairs and go through the south door. Continue onward and then insert the shard of the Humans' Lago Stone. Be ready to fight one of the four greats.

Boss: Saizou
HP: 8500
Abilities: Slice, Strike, Energy Wave, Power Wave
Mantras: None.
Exp: 11988
Ragu: 1884
Drops: None.
Weak: None.

Strategy: Saizou isn't weak against any mantras, so just stick with physical attacks. Use the mantras WEAK, VIRUS, POWERUP, and SOFT. Then attack with Surlent, Legin, and Sork. Heal occasionally with Lolo and restore the mantras when necessary. It might have also helped that Sork dealt two criticals to him each dealing 1250 damage :D

After the fight exit the ruins and follow the bend and through across the roots to the north and into the town of Tarach. Buy a thunder sword for Sork. Then head north into Shumisen.

Day 15

Levels: (41)Surlent, (41)Legin, (41)Sork, (41)Lolo
Items: (1)Daniel's Robe, (1)Cassius Mail, (2)Horn Water, (1)Rem Herb, (1)Alarum, (1)Magic Leaf
Enemies: Jamyu, Obedien, Galbute, Baalazhar

From the entrance follow the Rudra into the right tower. Get the Cassius Mail and Daniel's Robe out of the chests then go through the large door. Go through the teleporter and get the sealed chest items. Grab the items out of the chest and then come back through the left steps.

Then go up the right steps and be ready for the final boss.

Boss: Hausen
HP: 13000
Abilities: None.
Exp: 12508
Ragu: 1898
Drops: None.
Weak: Lightning

Strategy: Before the battle equip wind mantra defenses on everyone. Then at the beginning, cast VIRUS, TEONAREEM, SOFT, and POWERUP. Then keep attacking with Surlent, Legin, and Sork and heal with Lolo. After this, his attacks won't be quite as strong. Also, my attacks did an average of 1700 per turn to him, and that's not including criticals. His attacks won't deal very much damage, usually around 50 for a single-target and 30 for a multi-target. The only attack that's exception to this is KAAKEPIBUL. This attack will deal about 50 with a multi-target.

Last updated on October 19, 2004,
by Kurt Reonis