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Spacer (1K) All textual content in the walkthrough is provided with permission by Trunkz0r. You can find the unedited version here or on the GameFaqs's site. This conversion from his text guide to the HTML version is still very much in its infancy. I'll be updating as I've free time; my first goal is to finish proof-reading and then improve on ease of use. A couple of things:

  • If a mantra is not bold then that means that it's not in my mantra list. Maybe it's misspelled or I need to verify it.
  • I only link to maps that I have.
  • If you see any mistakes, please contact me.
Day 00

A Cultist has been captured and is being returned to the castle. The Cultist was captured by a woman who goes by the name of Foxy. Foxy wishes to meet you at the reception room which is located on the second floor. Head back into the castle and then head two rooms to the left.

After speaking with Foxy and Doug, Foxy asks to see around the castle and Doug offers to join her. When you can move again, the next destination is the prison, which is located in the western basement. Head down to the first floor, and then go all the way to the west side of the castle. Go up the stairs here, and then follow the path until you reach the prison. Huey asks you to go do some investigating to your own so head back to the castle entrance.

A guard here will ask that Huey, Rostam, and you report to the royal chamber. Since the others are still interrogating the Cultist, only you are able to hear the explanation of the Tower of Valiant.

Then Cultist then escapes through the castle and into the Town of Vad. Go out through the castle directly through the door south of stairs leading to the prison. Go through the town and exit through the south. Keep heading south until you reach the Tower of the Giants.

Day 01

After the scene, Sion will awake in his home. Foxy will be there, and will team up with you on your way to the Tower of the Giants. Before leaving your house, investigate the desk in the room to the left of the stairs. There will be a Logical Cap in the desk. Then exit the town and head to the Tower of the Giants.

Talk to the guard and he'll let you in the tower. Go directly straight and get the two treasures for 30 Ragu and a Medical Herb. Go to the second floor and go up the left stairs for an Alarum. Going up the right stairs will make you fall through the floor. Notice the treasure on the third floor. To reach it, head to the fourth floor and then through the doorway to the stairs leading to the third floor. Since you have the jade now, the treasure opens to the one with the jade. Then return to the fourth floor, and head up the stairs to the fifth floor. Grab the two treasures north of the hole. Then go through the door in south and grab the Huey Ring. Then go back to the main room and go north up the steps to the sixth floor.

Grab the Tasty Water out of the chest and then go up the steps to the seventh floor. Go up the steps on the far right side of the room after the conversation with Doug. Search the bottle to restore HP/MP. Then talk to the statue to save your game. Then go outside. Search the statue of Abilijer at the top of the tower. After scene, Ture will join your party.

Soon afterwards, Abilijer wakes up from his deep sleep. As he is very angry, he challenges you to a fight.

Boss: Abilijer
HP: 700
Abilities: Ogre Mace, Upper Attack
Exp: 62
Ragu: 272
Item: Ogre Mace

Strategy: He'll start off his attacks by using Ogre Mace. Not too powerful so don't worry about that. If he says, "You have awaken me from my slumber." and starts swinging his club, it means he's going to use the Upper Attack next turn. When he starts doing that, defend with all characters. When he says, "Destruction! I will Destroy Everything! You will sleep for Eternity!" it means that he is going to use the Upper Attack again. When he turns a darker color, it means that 50% of his health is gone. Regular attacks are rather weak against him, so use IG with Sion until he runs outta MP. After he runs outta MP, just use regular attacks. Keep using IG with Foxy and Ture, as they shouldn't run outta MP.

After the battle, head south and grab the strength plus outta the chest. Walk up the wall where a switch is, and Ture will give you a boost to reach it. Go down the stairs it opens up and fall down the hole near there. Get the 120 Ragu outta the chest then keep falling down the holes until you reach the bottom. Then return to the town. Exit the town through the right side and then go to the castle. The chancellor will be waiting for you there. After the scene, a day will have already passed.

Day 02

It's now time for the Tower of Valiant competition. As it's time for this competition, it's also a good time to work on spell enscriptions. There are tons and tons of spells to actually create but there is only a total of 32 spells that can be written. The barkeep in town can help with this.

Girl of IGLUS: Name that comes from the reddish hue the drink has, resembling flames.
Girl of AQULUS: A somberly cold drink.
Girl of NIHILUS: A shockingly little number from a first love.
Girl of TEOLUS: A drink inspired by the freshness of the wind.
Girl of TOULUS: A drink inspired by the din of booming thunder.

He teaches you some of the basics in spells.

IG = Fire
AQU = Water
NIHI = Void
TEO = Wind
TOU = Lightning

Some other basic spell creations.

SOA = Light
SERE = Dark
LEF = Cure

He also teaches you a new suffix for spells.


You already have another basic suffix for spells from the spell, IGNA.


NA, is a suffix that allows multi-targeting. Depending on the suffix, will depend on whether or not it is multi-targeting or single. Most suffixes act the same except for the element of LEF.




As the amount of spells you have are limited, It's best to keep a good array of elements, so that a spell might work on an enemy better than others.

At this point my spell goes like this,

1st Page:


2nd Page:


3rd Page:


4th Page:


*****Now after this little tutorial... It's time to get ready for the Tower of Valiant competition. Put the Big Robe and the Ogre Mace that you got onto Ture. Also while you're here, buy a Buckler for Sion. He can't equip yet, but it will help in the future.

Then exit the town through the east side, which is the same way that you went to the castle. Then go north through the bridges until you reach the town of Danelf. Go to the Forge, and buy an Avenger Sword. Also if you have enough cash, buy a Gra Shield for Sion or buy a Rune Knife for Foxy. The Lamias in the grass area, (NOT the forest) provide a good source of Ragu. Also in the forest area, there are AxisKnight's that drop Axis Shields. They are a better shield than the Gra Shield.

The bar here provides some more sources of spells to source.

Wave of AQUNA: Named after a legendary fisherman.
Flamin' IGNA: Drink modeled after the legendary firebird.
TOUNA Crash: Named after the sound of Thor's Hammer.
Breeze of TEONA: Named after the God of the winds.
Astral YOUTEONA: Inspired by the vastness of our universe.

Since you already know the -NA suffix, he teaches you a new prefix at the end of his drinks, YOU-. Then I enscribed all of the spells by adding a YOU- prefix to the spells.

-NA = 1MP
-LUS = 1MP
YOU- = 1MP
IG = 1MP

Then go to the Coliseum, which is located in the north side of town. Talk to the women in back and then go into the door on the right side of town. Your first opponent are Nergal's. I chose the first option, since these battles are very easy. For the first battle, use Foxy or Ture.

HP: 150
Exp: 63

Mantra isn't very strong against them so just use regular attacks. If your health gets low, use YOULEFLUS on yourself. Also watch for his Energy Sword.

For the second match I used Sion. This match is against the NergalMstr.

HP: 350
Exp: 88

His attacks are very minor and most of them do a total of 0-5 damage. The only attack that does a considerate amount of damage is the thunder sword. Heal if necessary.

After the battle, you'll receive Nergal's sword, Storm, and 500 Ragu. Doug will return to you with some information. Head to the shop, sell the Storm, and any other equipment you're not using. Then buy some armor for Foxy and a helmet for Sion. Give the armor that Foxy had to Sion for an extra speed boost for him. Then go to the east side of town and take the boat to Mantra Peak.

Enter the peak and go straight ahead to the chest that contains an Alarum. Follow the bend around until the stairs. Go up the stairs and continue following the path. Grab the Tasty Water from the chest then head south.

Follow around the bend and then there will be two paths. First take the left path into the peak and press the button. Then go back and take the right path to where the chest is. Inside the chest will be a button, press it. Then go back to the left path and go through the door that the chest created. Follow the bend around and go through the door here.

Keep following the mountain until you reach an old woman. This old woman is Zora. She greets you nicely, even though her ties with the king aren't that great. She tells you to go talk to Nurk the Merchant in the town of Ompross. Then climb back down the mountain and return to the town.

Day 03

It's now time for another part of the competition to be completed. Return to the Coliseum and speak with the receptionist. She'll tell you that your next opponents are a pair of Amatista's. In this battle, you'll choose whether to depend on your weapons or your magic.

I think magic would be the best way to go in this fight, while Sion has a relatively low MP, no magic also means no healing spells which are very useful. Also, the Amatista's are very weak to wind magic.

HP: 600
Exp: 89 (each)

Attack with magic using YOUTEOLUS. Heal when your HP is low by using YOULEFLUS. Their magic attacks aren't too powerful, unless you have a certain elemental defense towards it. They often use lightning attacks, so wind defense isn't best in this battle.

After the battle you'll receive 1000 Ragu and a Magic Leaf. Then go to the waiting room for the harbor, located near the boat that took you to Mantra Peak. Talk to the man by the south desk to take a ship to Ompross.

Go into town and then go to the southeast part of town and then cross the bridge across town to the south west part of town. Go through the bazaar here and speak with Nurk who's waiting by the water.

You'll also see Surlent here, completing his quest. When finished, exit town and head north to Mount Delphi. Enter the mountain and follow the water west. Go south through the hole and get the treasure for 120 Ragu. Then go back to the main area and head north and grab the Tasty Water outta the chest. Then head northeast and go through to the next area. Then go up the steps and take the north path. Get the spirit plus outta the chest and then go south to the outside of the mountain.

Then go west across the bridge. There will a north path and a south path to take. Go south if you want an alarum otherwise go north. This path is pretty linear so just keep following it. Then keep going up the mountain until you reach the Tuhla Ruins. Enter through the front door.

There are some enemies in here that are strong against regular attacks. Example would be the floating heads. They use fire magic so generally they'd be weak against water magic. Go up the steps and then go through the hole. Some thieves will be poking at Ramyleth. The thieves will escape, but it will give you a chance to rescue Ramyleth. Ramyleth will teach you ANIMUS, which is a resurrection spell. Exit the mountain and then return to Danelf.

Day 04

It's time for the final day of the competition. Go to the Coliseum and speak with the receptionist. Then go up the elevator and then prepare for the battle. This is a one-on-one battle with a monk.

Boss: Monk
HP: 1000
Abilities: Kick, Middle Kick, Screw Fist
Exp: 272

Strategy: This guy can be quite difficult. Use the Magic Leaf on Sion to give him a little extra MP to cast YOULEFLUS on yourself. His kicks do an average of 20 damage. His middle kick does about 40 damage to you. It's best not to keep your health below 50%. When he talks about his flaming fists he will add a new attack, Screw Fist, which deals an average of 25. He will also use his middle kick at this point, randomly. Also, elemental attacks do 1 damage to this guy.

Then you'll go to the top of the tower. An eclipse will occur and you'll learn that you have 12 days to stop the cult until the end of the world. You'll teleport on the altar to another place. The place you are teleported to is the Sky Islands. You learn that Ramyleth is the king of this temple.

Outside of the castle, on the right side, there is a waterfall and a path going straight up, which leads to a dead end. Push along the wall and you will enter a room into the castle. In this room there is a moon ring.

Go south into the town and then pay a visit to the weapon shop. Buy a Flat Shield for Sion and buy a Laikas Knife for Foxy. Also if you have enough cash, buy one or two Packet Mail's.

Exit the town and head south and see the ark fly towards the ice mountain. Enter the ice mountain, which is Sigmund Glacier. The entrance to the cave is blocked by ice, so the only thing to do is head back to town.

Day 05

Surt has appeared, but nothing can be done at the moment. Go to the throne room and speak with him and he tells you of the locations. The next destination to go to is the Garal Ruins. Go into the building located near the entrance of the castle, which is the train station. Take the train to the Garal Tunnel. During the event, the train is interrupted by an enemy. Since the four horsemen were released, this is one of them. Bhadra to be exact. Exit the train then follow the path west, until the battle occurs.

Boss: Bhadra
HP: 1500
Abilities: Bhadra Roll, Bhadra Breath, Bhadra Bound
Exp: 309
Ragu: 759

Strategy: Bhadra is weak against lightning so use YOUTOULUS or any other TOU-based attacked against him. Watch out for his Bhadra Roll attack. His Bhadra Breath attack is fairly weak. When his health is 50% gone, he'll start using his Bhadra Bound attack which deals around 70 damage to each character. Just keep attacking with YOUTOULUS and revive and heal if needed.

After the battle, return to the engineer. He'll open a path to lead you to the Clock Tower. Also a guy in the train will teach you a new suffix, -TOME. -TOME is a good replacement for the YOU- and -LUS fixes, as -TOME does almost 3x the damage YOU- and -LUS do. Also add the YOU- prefix for even more damage.

YOU- = 1MP


Go into the tunnel entrance and then go all the way to the east hole. Get the speed plus from the chest. Then go back to the main room and go through the west hole. The west hole contains a Garal Armor. Equip this on Sion. Then go back to the main room and take the path north.

Once on the main map, go right towards the Ark. Enter the Ark, until you can move freely in it. Go into the healing chamber here to rest. Then exit the ark. Then go into the Clock Tower. Most of the enemies in here are lightning-based so good lightning-based armor is good, but try not to have any wind-based armor.

Go into the left door near the entrance for 650 Ragu. Then follow the right path around until you reach the stairs. Then climb up on the stairs to the right and follow the path around to the upstairs. In the next floor, take the right path and get the Power Mace. Then go back and take the left path. Go upstairs then go through the left path. Keep following the path then grab the Life Leaf and Magic Leaf outta the chests. Then return to the main room and go through the north door. Go up the ladder, then go up the next ladder and get the Jaques Mail. Then go back down the ladder and go through the south door. Get the chest then go back and go through the other door. Go all the way south and drink out of the jar. Then go back north and save at the statue. Then go up the steps to the eighth floor. Then take the steps up to the ninth floor and get ready to fight a boss.

Boss: Monju
HP: 2000
Abilities: None.
Exp: 540
Ragu: 939

Strategy: Hopefully you were cautious earlier in that you don't have any wind-elemental defense. Otherwise, this guy will slaughter you. When this guy gets low he'll start using SUUMEDACO, which is rather high powered unless you have some type of thunder defense. As this guys attacks are mostly thunder-based, he's weak against wind.

Once you're done head down the tower and return to the train.

Day 06

The next destination is Graham's Tomb. Take the train to the Ruined City, which is located near Graham's Tomb. At the Ruined City, first go to the forge. Buy a Flat Shield for Sion to provide fire protection. Then give the Huey Ring to Foxy so that she has some fire protection as well. Then head south to Graham's Tomb.

From the entrance, go to the far right side of the room. Go through this tunnel to the upstairs. The others only lead to dead ends. From the stairs, go to the right and grab the Hamlet from the chest. Equip it onto Sion. If you happen to get some Kemp Boots from the Kemp's, give the boots to Foxy and then give the ring to Ture. Also, if you get in a battle with a Kir, just run away. These guys are very difficult to beat.

From the stairs go all west and then go through these stairs, the other stairs to the north are just dead-ends. Keep following the stair patterns until you reach the save statue. Then go press the switch in the southwest corner to open up the stairs to get at the hole. Drop down the hole where the stairs created and drink the water out of the jar. Then press the button and go through the hole to the next floor. On the next floor, a set of stairs will have appeared. Go up the stairs and press the button. Another set of stairs will appear leading to a sealed treasure. Equip the shield onto Ture. Then head up the stairs located next to the statue.

Before going into the large room, go into the room to right of it. Grab the Aegis Shield and Gregory Armor out of the chests. Then head back to large door and be prepared to fight a boss.

Boss: Marica
HP: 2700
Abilities: Rex Spin, Rex Air
Mantras: TOTONEB
Exp: 712
Ragu: 1027

Strategy: This guy doesn't pull anything sneaky like the others, he just a straight forward boss. His Rex Spin is rather devastating since it does around 100. Rex Air is also rather strong as it does about 40 a hit. Marica is very weak to water so use water-based attacks against him.

Go upstairs afterwards and retrieve the Graham Sword. Personally, I'd keep with the Hamlet, since the Aegis Shield provides a great defense value. The Graham Sword is only four more attack power higher than the Hamlet. After you're done here, exit the tomb and return to the city and then to the train.

Day 07

The third destination is to the Ruins of Frey. Take the train to the Town of Roma, which located just north of the ruins. Go to the forge and buy two MontanoShield's, a Raptor Knife, and a Sultan Helm. Then exit the town and head for the ruins of Frey.

Go to the stairs on the left side. Then go south and follow the room around until you reach the next stairs. Then head directly west until you reach the next stairs. Take a drink from the jar at the end of the room then head through the hole to the next floor. Save at the statue then proceed through the large door. Be prepared to fight a boss.

Boss: Opsis
HP: 2800
Abilities: None.
Exp: 841
Ragu: 1078

Strategy: He seems to be rather weak to fire so hit him with a YOUIGTOME or a similar fire spell. He uses mostly water techniques on you, which aren't too powerful, so don't worry about those. Just keep your health high and keep using fire mantras on him.

After the battle and the speech, grab the two chests that he dropped. Then exit the ruins and return to the train station. Take the train to the temple.

At the Sacred Temple, take the right path. Go up the stairs and then go up the next set of stairs. Go directly east and press the switch there. The switch will send you downstairs to a bunch of sealed treasures. The southwestern and the northeastern sealed treasures both contain MimicL26. The others contain a Large Robe and a Large Mace for Ture. Then go back up the stairs and go north and up the next set of stairs.

First, take the left path and press the switch to drop a restore jar down. Then go through the right path and drink from the jar. Then follow the path around and go up the stairs. Save at the green statue and prepare for yet another boss battle.

Boss: Mayura
HP: 4600
Abilities: Star Thrust
Exp: 1319
Ragu: 1146

Strategy: Mayura uses light-based attacks. So, to counter against those use SERE-based attacks like YOUSERETOME, or some other similar one. KUUUUSOANA isn't much to worry about, but DEKUUSOA can do quite a bit of damage. After about 2000 damage is done to her, she'll say something like "You're Pretty Good, but How well can you do in my world?" and then the background changes. Then she'll start using attacks like Star Thrust, which do an average of 125 damage to each character.

After the battle, step onto the platform. The islands will start falling, so it's time to exit the tower then. You'll then be returned to the Town of Len.

Day 08

Rest at the INN, then head to the palace room to defeat Surt.

Boss: Surt
HP: 3500
Abilities: Heavy Nail, Burning Gust, Pile Blaster
Mantras: None.
Exp: 909
Ragu: 1186
Item: Large Shield

Strategy: Surt is a fire-based enemy, so water attacks are weak against him. Just keep him with water attacks until he's dead. Watch out for his Pile Blaster as it can a good amount of damage to you.

Day 09

After the battle, equip the shield onto Ture. Then head south to the Sigmund Glacier. The cave will now be open. Go into the cave and go up to where the path splits. Head towards the right cave. Follow the path around until you reach the sword. The sword will actually be a fake and then you'll be attacked by a bear.

The bear is easy, so just go back one screen after the bear. The bridge will then be back. Cross the bridge, and grab the item out of the chest. Then go north and save at the statue.

Then go to the left and drink out of the jar, then look at the sign. Follow the directions and try to figure it out for yourself. If you can't then look below.

(using your mouse, hold the left button down and highlight the section below)
(The sign says Step Forward twice then Step Backwards once. It means to go two screens ahead then go back one. Nothing too hard there.)

Then follow the bridge south, and then head all the way west. Be prepared to fight a boss. Grab the Sigmund Sword, then beat Diyaus.

Boss: Diyaus
HP: 4000
Abilities: Air Knuckle, Air Bomber
Exp: 1468
Ragu: 1652
Item: Amrita

Strategy: He's not really weak against anything, but almost all elements do a considerate amount of damage. The only one to not use is Wind. Watch out for his Air Bomer and PRIONA attacks, as they do a massive amount of damage. Otherwise just keep healed and use mantras on him.

Afterwards, pull out the sword, and the ice glacier will melt. After falling to the water, you are swallowed by a water animal. The thing that is opening and closing is a doorway that you can go into. Go through it, and then retrieve the treasure on the other side. Then head right and go up the ladder here for another treasure.

Go back down the ladder and go through the door to the right of the ladder. Go west along the vines and grab the treasure there. Then head back and grab the vines to the south. Take the left path down and through the door. Talk to the merperson here and he'll tell you how to get at this heg's room.

Then go back to the main room and take the right path of veins this time. Go south where there was once a barrier and then go through the tangled mess of vines into the door. Speak with the Yol-Gee and be prepared to fight.

Boss: Yol-Gee
HP: 4200
Exp: 1750
Ragu: 1714

Strategy: His water attacks aren't very strong as long as you don't have fire equipment on. Take off the Kemp Boots and the Huey Ring and he won't do near as much damage to you. Then just keep hitting him with IG-based spells, since he's water-based.

Day 10

After the battle, you'll be transported to the Town of Avdol. Zombies have taken over the port, so don't talk to any of them unless you want to fight. Go to the INN and rest for free.

Then exit the town through the south, cross the desert and through the Dragon God Ruins. Keep going west until you reach Eremia's Manor. The front door will be locked so, Foxy takes you through the back entrance.

Something strange is going on in this manor, as there are dark-based enemies in here. Go ahead and open the chests for a Hector Armor, a Purifier, and a Cosmo Gun. Nothing to worry about though, since the guys in here are very weak. Then go down the ladder and through to the door and up the stairs.

From here, head east and then up the next set of stairs. Search the table for a letter for Foxy. Since they're nowhere to be found here, they must have went to Oriab. So, then return to Oriab.

Eremia is located in the house to the northwest part of town with the door facing to the side. Talk to his aid first, then go downstairs and talk to Eremia. You'll learn that the Holy Grail was stolen, but it was supposed to go to the laboratory in Avdol. After speaking with him search the drawer behind you for a Purifier.

Then go to the PUB. The bartender will teach you a new spell form. I don't know if they're better or not, but more expensive at the most.

Dreams of SOANATES: Formed after the impression of angels.



Then go to the forge, there is some new equipment here. Finally, Rest and Save at the INN. When you're ready, head back to Avdol. Go to the INN and Rest/Save since it's free anyways. Then for the laboratory, which is located in the northeast part of town. Then follow the Cultist's down the elevator.

The Cultist's will all be strangely dead and Dr. Meunch will be dead as well... Examine the doctor then try to leave and be attacked by a boss.

Boss: Nagiya
HP: 4200
Abilities: Foxy Killer
Exp: 1951
Ragu: 1313

Strategy: Right off the bat, he'll use Foxy Killer to kill well, Foxy. Then he'll keep using dark attacks against you, so just counter back with some holy-based attacks. He also isn't very quick, so you should be able to attack him before he attacks you back.

Next, Dr. Meunch will tell you a way to restore Foxy. After the scene, head back to town. Search the house in the northwest for a Magic Leaf in a drawer. Then return to the Heg Shrine, which is located in the southwest corner of town. Call the Heg and he'll take to the Vilshin Ruins.

Exit the ruins and head to the Lost Forest.

Day 11

Talk to the guy in the forest and he'll tell you to begin at Nine and end at Six. This leads to the entrance to the Hidden Village.

(using your mouse, hold the left button down and highlight the section below for the answer to this riddle)
(If you look at the forest it looks like a clock with a 12,3,6,9. So follow the direction clockwise, 9,12,3 6.)

To restore Foxy, go to the Sage in the basement of the house in the northwest. Riza will also be there, she gives you the Revive Herb to restore Foxy. Then pay a visit to the forge. Buy a Ice Whip and a HeatsealCharm. Then go speak with the three sages in the southern most house.

Take the boat down the rapids to the Great Forest. Then go through the forest and return to Oriab. Look at the bulletin in the center of town, which tells you to meet up with Miller the priest.

Take the boat to Ompross. From Ompross take another cruise to the town of Danelf. From Danelf head southeast to the church. Talk to the priest there and search the drawer for SUKA. Go to leave the church, and the priest stops you and gives you the Taurus Sword.

Day 12

This a very good sword especially since it's also one-handed. Equip it onto Sion. Then return to Danelf. Visit the forge as they have new armor. Talk to the mantra expert in the pub basement and he'll teach you some new skills. Then return to the castle and talk to the king.

He'll tell you that Taurus had gone to the center of the earth to stop the cult.

Day 13

Return to Danelf and there will be already a boat waiting there for you. Go to the harbor and Doug will try to stop you. The boat takes you to Mantra Peak. The peak has been overrun with the Cultist's. In this case, you'll have to fight the Cultist's if you see them. Go to the top of peak and a boss will be waiting there for you.

Boss: Ravana
HP: 6000
Abilities: None.
Exp: 2275
Ragu: 1801

Strategy: This guy uses fire attacks mainly so hopefully you don't have any water defense on. Attack with AQU-based spells and he should go down in no time. Watch out for his MACROPOTIE spell as it does a large amount of damage even with defenses. Regular attacks also do a considerate amount of damage, especially with the Ice Whip.

Afterwards, Zora will take you to where Taurus has gone. Go into the portal.

Day 14
Levels: (34)Sion, (33)Foxy, (33)Ture, (34)Ramyleth

Head west and go into the Cult Base. Enter the building and then go up the stairs. Light all of the torches and get the King's Armor and Wind Bow from the two chests. Then go through the middle and up the stairs.

You'll see the captain being chased by some Cultist's. First, go down through the center then to the right. Open the chest there then go left and up the steps. Follow the path that the captain went and continue ahead.

Take a drink from the jar, then continue. Go down to where the captain is and be ready for a fight.

Boss: Taurus
HP: 7200
Abilities: Slayer, Slice, Stab, Dark Heal
Exp: 2870
Ragu: 1871

Strategy: Taurus uses strong physical attacks. He isn't really weak to anything, but SOA mantra seems to work ok. Physical attacks also work well against him. Watch out when he's something like "so you want to play!?" This initiates the time that he'll use his devastating slayer attack. It would be good to defend against this. As undefended, it will do 150 to all your characters. When he gets low on health he'll start using Dark Heal on himself. This isn't an easy battle, nor should it be.

After the battle, the tower starts to collapse. Exit the tower, and then head west. There will be a little on the upper part of the bend. I went right passed it the first time I went through here. The BoneKnight's in this area drop a Black Shield, which is a good shield, even better than the Psycho Shield.

In the town, go to the PUB. Speak with Surlent and either trade your Psycho Shield for the Power Shield or for the Apocalypse. Then exit the town north and enter Shumisen.

Day 15
Levels: (37)Sion, (36)Foxy, (37)Ture, (37)Ramyleth

Enter and Gomorrah will be there. Enter the left door and go ahead until the opening. Get the two treasures here then go back to the opening. Go north and speak with Gomorrah again. Walk onto the teleporter.

Walk up to the next button and press down and choose the red path. Go east and then up the stairs. Go up the next stairs and then go down the stairs in the next part. Get the Hercules armor and then teleport back to the switch area. Go through the red path again and then go up the stairs in the center this time.

Next go through the next area until you reach a teleporter with blue torches around it. Enter this and be prepared to fight a boss.

Boss: Rudra
HP: 7500
Abilities: Rudra Laser, Rudra Quake, Rudra Shock
Exp: 3396
Ragu: 1919

Strategy: Rudra has a large amount of health, but don't let that worry you. He uses mainly fire attacks so equip some fire defense. Watch out for his Rudra Laser attack as it does a large amount of damage. So since he's fire-based, use AQU mantra on him or attack using Foxy's Ice Whip. Also watch out for his Rudra Quake, which is even more devastating than the laser. He also uses Rudra Shock, which deals about 160 to all your characters.

Now it's time for the destruction to end. The creator of this creature must be put to a stop and that's just what you're going to do.

You'll be teleported to a floating island. Go through the south door and then keep heading east. when the paths split take the south path. Be prepared to fight the final boss. A good spell to enscribe before this battle would be PROTECT, raises magic defense.

Boss: Gomorrah
HP: 12000
Abilities: Darkness Wave
Exp: 3535
Ragu: 1929
Weak: Light

Summoned Guys:

HP: 2500
Weak: None

HP: 4250
Weak: Light

HP: 8000
Weak: Light

Strategy: He has three summoned monsters that he throws out. You have to kill these first before being able to do any damage to him. Since Gomorrah is weak against light attacks, use SOA-based attacks against him. His first two summons are fairly easy, but his last summon, Suiryuu, can be really tough. Try not to have any elemental equipment whatsoever in this fight except for dark defense. Otherwise you could get slaughtered by their spells.

Last updated on October 19, 2004,
by Kurt Reonis