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  • If a mantra is not bold then that means that it's not in my mantra list. Maybe it's misspelled or I need to verify it.
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Day 15

If your final scenario is that of Sion's or Surlent's head southeast of the town to the Deep Sea Trench. Go through the trench and then board the airship. Tell everyone goodbye then head for the moon.

Day 16

Go outside of the airship and Riza will join you. Then return to the airship and ride the airship. Along the way, Brasnir's conscious will start to be infected by something. Go outside the room and go up the nearest ladder. Then go down the next ladder and search the beam. A bridge will appear above it. Then go and fight the boss.

Boss: Brasnir
HP: 6000
Abilities: None.
Exp: 14140
Ragu: 1929
Drops: Amrita
Weak: Water

Strategy: At the beginning of the battle cast POWERUP, SOFT, VIRUS, and PROTECT. Attack with Dune, Sion, and Surlent. Heal with Riza as she seems to be the best at healing. When his health reaches below 50% he'll start to use mantras like MACROPOTEY, KIDEOHPIPER, and KIDEREMNU to name a few. KIDEOHPIPER will deal about 200-220 to a single character. MACROPOTEY will deal about 140 to everyone and KIDEREMNU will deal about 160 to everyone. This is even with status mantras on him.

Ramyleth will appear and take over the controls from Brasnir. He'll then take you to the Gate of Urd.

-=|Urd's Gate|=-
Levels: (50)Dune, (44)Sion, (44)Surlent, (45)Riza
Items: (1)Daniel's Robe, (1)Meio Shield, (1)Octave Mail, (1)Peschel Boots, (1)Dark Bow, (1)Death Falcon, (1)Hecate's Robe, (1)Flat Shield
Enemies: Star Wing, Carbon

Get the eight treasures out of the black chests that are all around the in the holes here. Also each hole contains a boss that you must beat.

In the northwest is Setaviza who is weak against fire and mainly uses water mantras.
In the southeast is Lazm who is weak against nothing and mainly uses regular attacks.
In the northeast is Abilijer who is weak against nothing and mainly uses regular attacks.
In the southwest is Ravana who uses strong fire mantras, so counter with water mantras.

Boss: Setaviza
HP: 3700
Abilities: Storm God Wrath
Exp: 4000
Ragu: 0
Drops: None.
Weak: Fire

Strategy: At the beginning of the battle cast VIRUS, PIKUGAZERO, SUNA, and PROTECT. Then have everyone cast fire mantras on him. I prefer using -BIRD mantras, mainly because they are rather cheap and powerful. IGBIRD dealt an average of 660 a hit to him, which killed him in two turns.

Boss: Lazm
HP: 4000
Abilities: Lazm Air, Lazm Thunder, Lazm Breath
Mantras: None.
Exp: 4000
Ragu: 0
Drops: Nuad Herb
Weak: None.

Strategy: At the beginning of the battle, cast WEAK, POWERUP, BANISH, and VIRUS. Attack with Sion, Dune, and Surlent while healing with Riza. He should go down rather quickly. Just keep healing with Riza, even if your HP is full. As sometimes he gets the first strike.

Boss: Abilijer
HP: 4000
Abilities: Large Mace, Upper Attack
Mantras: None.
Exp: 4000
Ragu: 0
Drops: None.
Weak: None.

Strategy: Same strategy as Lazm, Just cast those four mantras, then use the 3/1 attack/heal combo.

Boss: Narana
HP: 4000
Abilities: None.
Exp: 4000
Ragu: 0
Drops: Orpheus Robe
Weak: Water

Strategy: At the beginning of the battle, cast VIRUS, SUNA, IGNAREEM, and PIKUGAZERO. Then cast water mantras with everyone and occasionally heal with Riza. I think i beat her in about 3 turns.

After the fight, the door in the back center will open. Be ready to fight the real Hausen.

Boss: Hausen
HP: 8500
Abilities: None.
Exp: 8540
Ragu: 1979
Drops: Magic Leaf
Weak: Wind

Strategy: At the beginning of the battle, cast VIRUS, PIKUGAZERO, SUNA, PROTECT, and/or SERENAREEM. Then attack with everyone using wind mantras against him and occasionally healing with Riza.

After the fight, head back to the ark and take it to Skuld's Gate.

-=|Skuld's Gate|=-
Levels: (53)Dune, (47)Sion, (47)Surlent, (48)Riza
Items: (--)Magic Leaf
Enemies: MimicL56

Go down the steps and enter the door. Try leaving and you'll be taken to a secret place. In this area are mimics in every chest. However, the treasures in here can be gotten a number of times. Once you decide to fight the mimics, you have to beat all of them to go back.

Just keep going through the doors. **AVOID THE GRATES** There are some difficult monsters in these grates and aren't really worth the time to beat them. Eventually, you will reach a room with a recovery jar and a save point. In the next room will be Saizou.

Boss: Saizou
HP: 10500
Abilities: Air Wing, Sever, Gal Claw, Great Sever
Mantras: None.
Exp: 20300
Ragu: 2020
Drops: Life Leaf
Weak: None.

Strategy: At the beginning of the battle, cast VIRUS/BANISH, SOFT, WEAK, and POWERUP. Then use a 3/1 attack and heal combo. Use Riza as the healer. After five or six turns, cast the status spells again. Just keep attacking him until he's beaten.

Saizou tells you that Mitra is weak against wind and that she is located in the divine temple in Verdandi. So get back on the ark and head there.

-=|Verdandi's Temple|=-
Levels: (56)Dune, (50)Sion, (51)Surlent, (52)Riza
Items: (1)Mirror Shield, (1)Pure Ring, (1)Keats Helm, (1)Moon Ring
Enemies: Itaka, Ozric, IronBhadra, Odio, Fulezast, Nereus

Go outside the ark and then go to the statue. You'll go through a scene with your companions. Then go around and search for the statue. Examine it and then you'll be teleported to the main entrance.

At the southwestern door there contains a Mirror Shield. In the southeast, there is a room containing a pure ring. The center doors contain a recovery jar and a save statue. This is also a good spot to level up if you think you are at a low level. The enemy, Ozric, here gives more experience than Saizou did. They are usually grouped alone, but an easy way to beat them is by casting SOFT, POWERUP, and BANISH on yourselves then just pummeling him. Also, the recovery jar is near by if needed.

In the northeastern door contains a light helm called Keats Helm and in the northwest contains a Zeland Helm. When ready, go through the northern center door.

Boss: Chaos Ein
HP: 10000
Abilities: Iron Claw
Exp: 20300
Ragu: 3523
Drops: Pure Ring
Weak: Dark

Strategy: Equip light mantra defenses on before the fight. Then at the beginning, cast WEAK, VIRUS, SUNA, PIKUGAZERO, and SOANAREEM/PROTECT. Have everyone use dark mantras, until they run out of MP. Occasionally heal with Riza or Surlent. After his or her MP is gone, just keep using regular attacks.

Continue onward, following the path. Grab the twice treasures on the opposite sides of the statue then continue to the statue. Be ready to fight another boss.

Boss: Chaos Zwei
HP: 10000
Abilities: Cold Breath
Exp: 5591
Ragu: 2042
Drops: None.
Weak: Wind

Strategy: At the beginning of the fight, cast VIRUS, PIKUGAZERO, SUNA, and WEAK/PROTECT. Then cast wind mantras with Sion, Dune, and Surlent while healing with Riza. The wind mantras will deal about 650-700 a hit to him so he'll go down fairly quickly.

Examine the statue when you are ready to compete in the final battle.

-=|Final Chamber|=-
Levels: (68)Dune, (65)Sion, (65)Surlent, (65)Riza
Items: None.
Enemies: None.

Boss: Mitra
HP: 11500
Abilities: None.
Weak: Lightning

Strategy: At the beginning of the battle cast VIRUS, PIKUGAZERO, PROTECT, and SUNA. Then have Sion, Dune, and Surlent cast lightning spells on him. I used KIFULLTOUREX on him which costs a total of 12MP. This dealt an average of 850 to him per hit. Then I healed with Riza using KAAYOULEFNAT which heals for about 140 at a cost of 7MP.

After this she'll transform into a much stronger form.

Boss: Mitra (2nd Form)
HP: 28000
Abilities: Explosion, Skill, Magnate
Weak: Varies

Strategy: At the beginning, cast WEAK twice, SUNA, BANISH, and PIKUGAZERO. Mitra will change her weakness rather rapidly. Mainly after the first mantra is cast that is weak against her. The change is all random so just keep trying to figure out which mantra it is that she's weak to. When Sion and Dune run out of MP and the status spells are worn off cast these spells: WEAK twice, POWERUP, BANISH, and SOFT. Then attack with Dune, Sion, and Surlent while healing with Riza.

Boss: Mitra (Final Form)
HP: 25000
Abilities: Flow, Riot, Judgment, Death
Mantras: None.
Exp: 30000
Ragu: None.
Drops: None.
Weak: Varies

Strategy: At the beginning of the fight, cast SOFT and POWERUP, then attack her with everyone. When she changes to attack, (You'll know this when she uses the attack ability), then switch over to mantras. Cast BANISH, WEAK twice, SUNA, and PIKUGAZERO. At some point around when her health is 50% gone, she'll switch back over again. However, once she uses Death, she'll switch back over again.

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