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Spacer (1K) All textual content in the walkthrough is provided with permission by Trunkz0r. You can find the unedited version here or on the GameFaqs's site. This conversion from his text guide to the HTML version is still very much in its infancy. I'll be updating as I've free time; my first goal is to finish proof-reading and then improve on ease of use. A couple of things:

  • If a mantra is not bold then that means that it's not in my mantra list. Maybe it's misspelled or I need to verify it.
  • I only link to maps that I have.
  • If you see any mistakes, please contact me.
Day 00

After speaking with Zeku, Explore the town a little bit. The house in the northwest corner of the town contains a purifier and a green bag in some drawers. The bartender in the pub will teach you a mantra.

RUMEHATI -- cures all ailments.

Then exit the town and head south into the Forest of Rem.

-=|Forest of Rem|=-
Levels: (2)Riza
Items: (2)Rem Herb, (1)Tasty Water, (1)Alarum
Enemies: Orps, Rem, Guard

Cross across the bridge and then grab the Rem Herb outta the chest in the north that's barely sticking out from the trees. Then go straight down and you'll see someone being chased. Tell that Guard that you saw someone go to the right. Then go straight down the middle and to the right and grab another Rem Herb from the chest. Then go south and fight some Guard's along with Garlyle. He'll then join up with you.

Then head east. The paths will spilt into two. The top path isn't necessary to go on because it's just a mantra. You have to figure out the missing letter. PULM?RA - Absorb MP. The missing letter in this case, is O. So it would spell PULMORA.

So just continue along the east path and grab the 260 Ragu on the exit. Then head to Pure City Babel. A new day will begin.

Day 01

-=|Pure City Babel|=-
Levels: (5)Riza, (4)Garlyle
Items: Dirty Hat
Enemies: Guard

Upon entering the town. You will be attacked by Guard's. After the Guard's, Garlyle takes you to the INN. Rest upstairs then go out to find Garlyle. Garlyle is located in the slums. To get there, follow the road east from the INN. Then go through the area with the guard standing by the post.

In this area you will have to answer three passwords from three different kids. Also there is a Dirty Hat in the center in a pile of bowls.

First Kid
"In the midst of the light?" ANSWER: They will dance.

Second Kid
"In the deepest recesses of the shadow?" ANSWER: It will be born.

Third Kid
"The blue water?" ANSWER: They will protect.

Then follow the kids into the hideout and then into the basement. After the scene, it will be dark outside so return to the INN. Go upstairs and speak with Garlyle. He'll tell you that they are going invade the mayor's house the next day. Rest and then be prepared to invade.

Day 02

-=|Mayor's House|=-
Levels: (6)Riza, (5)Garlyle
Items: (1)Alarum, (1)Tasty Water, (1)Purifier, (1)Dirty Shoes, (1)Regulus
Enemies: Guard, Babel Dog

The place where Garlyle showed you where to invade is located in the northeast part of town. There is a ladder up to where he is waiting for you. When ready, go into the mansion. There will be six doors here. Two of them are necessary, the four others contain treasures.

|1 2 3|
|4 5 6|

Door 1: Chest with an Alarum in it.
Door 2: Switch that must be pulled.
Door 3: Chest with a Tasty Water in it.
Door 4: Chest with a Purifier in it.
Door 5: Chest with 500 Ragu in it.
Door 6: Correct entrance to go down to the house.

Then go through the sixth door and go down the ladder inside there. The path will come to two paths then. Take the right path first and get the Dirty Shoes from the pile of bowls. Then go back and take the left path.

Go up the ladder and then go down the ladder that's on the roof. Search the bowls here for a Regulus. Then equip onto Riza and switch the two of them to the back row. This will help a lot later.

Then go through the door and into the mayor's house. The butterflies are being controlled by the mayor. You have to defeat him in order to release them. Continue following the path until you reach the elevator with the mayor. Fight with the Guard's then climb the ladder on the left. Also drink from the jar and save on the way up. Be ready to fight a boss.

Boss: Shivaithan
HP: 800
Abilities: Babel Vulcan, Arm Punch
Mantras: JESS
Exp: 206
Ragu: 281
Drops: None.
Weak: None.

Strategy: Since your characters are in the back row, this guy will be much easier. Just keep attacking him, since he's not weak to any certain mantra. Heal with Riza when needed. Watch out for his mantra attack as it does a good amount of damage to you.

After the fight, the butterflies will be released. The next destination is Oriab, but first pay a visit to Zeku in Karn. After speaking with him he'll teach you the revive spell, ANIMUS. Then return to Pure City Babel and take the ship to Oriab.

Day 03

-=|Town of Oriab|=-
Levels: (9)Riza, (9)Garlyle
Items: (1)Purifier
Enemies: None.

Talk with the doctor when you enter the town. After the speech, explore the town a little bit. First, take a visit to the forge. Buy two Lemnos Mail's and two Logical Cap's. Keep with the back row weapons for now. At the PUB, the bartender will teach you a new mantra.

Shard of SOAMEL: Named after the beauty of the stars in the night sky.

In the northwest corner of town a house with the door facing out contains a Purifier. When read exit the town through the east and go through the nearby forest.

-=|Great Forest|=-
Levels: (9)Riza, (9)Garlyle
Items: (1)Ephta's Robe, (1)Tasty Water, (1)Purifier
Enemies: Tail Dog, Rhea, SmSetavista

Go north, until the path splits. On the right path, there's a chest with a note in it. It says escaping from battles, PEA?E. The missing letter in this case is C, to spell PEACE. So you don't need to take that path knowing that, head to the left side. Beat the plant that is blocking the way and continue onward. Before crossing the bridge, go south.

Beat up the plant here and go down and get the sealed chest. Then be ready to fight a boss on the bridge.

Boss: Setaviza
Reptile HP: 300
HP: 600
Abilities: Polluted Mushroom, Storm God Wrath
Exp: 249
Ragu: 317
Drops: Purifier
Weak: Fire

Strategy: The first thing to do is attack the reptile that he's holding. Then attack the plant itself. AQUREX can do quite a bit of damage, but other than that nothing much to worry about. Polluted Mushroom will cause Pollution status on you, which means you can't cast mantra. So hopefully you still have some Purifier's. Storm God Wrath can also deal a lot of damage to you.

After the battle, Pipin the Reptile Prince will join you. Then head east and around the bend. Don't fight the plant yet. Get the Tasty Water then go back and fight the plant. Cross the bridge and then grab the 700 Ragu out of the chest in the north. Then head east and defeat the plant. Get the Purifier out of the chest. Then go north and exit the forest. Continue north and go into the Horn Cave.

-=|Horn Cave|=-
Levels: (11)Riza, (9)Garlyle, (10)Pipin
Items: (2)Horn Water
Enemies: Horn Bat, Purana

Go down the stairs and through the door. When the paths come to a spilt take the south door and grab the two Horn Water's. Then go north and cross the bridge. Look at the book then leave and return to Oriab. Take a ship to Ompress then take another ship to Danelf.

Day 04

Levels: (11)Riza, (10)Garlyle, (10)Pipin
Items: (1)Dirty Shoes
Enemies: None.

Go to the forge and buy them some armor. Then head to the PUB and learn some new mantras.

Wave of AQUNA: Named after a legendary fisherman.
Flamin' IGNA: Drink modeled after the legendary firebird.
TOUNA Crash: Named after the sound of Thor's Hammer.
Breeze of TEONA: Named after the God of the winds.
Astral YOUTEONA: Inspired by the vastness of our universe.

In the northeast corner of town there is house with the door facing to the east. Inside is a drawer containing another pair of Dirty Shoes. Then go to the Coliseum on the north side of town. Then go back into town and they'll think you won. Then go back to the Coliseum and the king will run out. Finally, exit the town and head south-east toward the church. Investigate the goddess statue and Miller will come talk to you. Then exit the church and head west to the town of Vad.

-=|Town of Vad|=-
Levels: (11)Riza, (10)Garlyle, (11)Pipin
Items: (1)Logical Cap
Enemies: None.

Doug is located in Sion's house which is a house in the center of town the door facing out. Sion's house also contains a drawer with a Logical Cap inside. After speaking with Doug, exit the town to the east and go into the castle. Also, the PUB here will teach you some new mantras.

Girl of IGLUS: Name that comes from the reddish hue the drink has, resembling flames.
Girl of AQULUS: A somberly cold drink.
Girl of NIHILUS: A shockingly little number from a first love.
Girl of TEOLUS: A drink inspired by the freshness of the wind.
Girl of TOULUS: A drink inspired by the din of booming thunder.

-=|Cryunne Castle|=-
Levels: (11)Riza, (10)Garlyle, (11)Pipin
Items: (1)Tybalt Mail
Enemies: None.

From the entrance of the castle, go west and then up the stairs. Keep going west and then go down the steps. The guard will let you through then go down the steps in the middle to go into the prison. Open the sealed treasure chest here for a Tybalt Mail. This armor is extremely good for this time in the game.

Then head back to the entrance and keep going north until you reach the king. After speaking with the king, he'll give you a room and 100 Ragu. Rest in the bed.

Day 05

Exit the castle then head south of Danelf to the temple.

-=|Spirit Temple|=-
Levels: (12)Riza, (10)Garlyle, (11)Pipin
Items: (1)Antares, (1)Horn Water OR (1)Life Leaf and (1)Jackal Nail
Enemies: Guardian

Choose "No" for the answer of "Did Cryunne send you?" then choose "To go to the mountain" for the second answer.

Then head south and enter the temple. Pick either "Earth" or "Water" for your decision.

I took Water for my decision because it gives a very nice rifle for Garlyle. The Guard's can hit kinda hard, so I healed every turn with Riza and then I attacked with Garlyle and Pipin.

Choosing Earth will give you a Life Leaf and a Jackal Nail for Pipin. The nail has a decent attack power, but you can buy a new nail for Pipin that is just as good in the shop below.

The guard in the lower left hand corner leads you to where you're supposed to go. Go on the platform then go through the steps. On the north side of the room leads a door to where you are supposed to go. After speaking with Soma, Rest at the INN on the left. Then go through the stairs on the right side. Buy a Bison Claw for Pipin from the merchant, then head back to the main room. Fall down the hall and continue south until you exit the temple.

-=|Sacred Forest|=-
Levels: (12)Riza, (11)Garlyle, (12)Pipin
Items: (1)Open Helm, (1)Purifier, (1)DOA, (1)Horn Water
Enemies: Spearman, Mohno, Ghost

On the right side grab the Open Helm outta the chest. Then grab the Purifier outta chest that is behind the tree on the left side. Then from the tree, head south. When the paths spilt again, take the right path and grab the DOA outta the chest. The DOA is a weaker dark-based machine guy for Garlyle, but since machine guns can hit all, it's better for regular enemies. Keep the rifle for bosses. From the DOA, head back a little and go through the large bush area for a Horn Water. Then head back to the split and take the left side.

This path leads to the temple. Speak with Aqua and then she'll tell you to leave. Head back towards the Spirit Temple then. Equip the Antares before you leave Aqua. As on the way back you'll be attacked by some demons. After the demons be ready to fight a boss.

Boss: Evil Ghost
HP: 2000
Abilities: None.
Exp: 1464
Ragu: 907
Drops: None.
Weak: Light

Strategy: Heal every turn with Riza using LEFNA or a similar spell as he likes to use multi target dark spells. Just use regular attacks with Pipin and Garlyle. All his attacks are mantra based, so using a spell like PROTECT will help too.

Day 06

After defeating her, head back to the temple. Since Aqua never gave you permission to go to Mantra Peak, you have to beat up all the guardians. Rest at the INN first then go fight the guardians.

First Battle -- Earth Guardian
Second Battle -- Water Guardian
Third Battle -- 3 Fire Guardians
Fourth Battle -- Soma

Just beat up the guardians and prepare for Soma.

Boss: Soma
HP: 2000
Abilities: Shuriken, Cloud Call, Power Wave
Exp: 1785
Ragu: 970
Drops: Soma
Weak: Lightning

Strategy: Just use regular attacks on him. Mantras aren't very good against him. Heal with Riza and attack with Pipin and Garlyle. After his health is down to 50%, he'll start to use SHIITAERI, which is a powerful attack. He also might use his power wave attack. This attack is almost unsurviveable. It deals an average of 120 damage to all your characters. Almost have to level up before this battle to even survive that attack. Using Lightning attacks might help as well.

After the fight, he'll tell you that you can go through to Mantra Peak now. Go south through the Sacred Forest and take the southern exit out. Go into the Ark that is blocking the path. Talk with Dune and Cid, and they'll give you a Holy Grail and Holy Robe. Then go into the room next to them and heal then leave the ship.

He'll move out of the way, giving you access to Mantra Peak.

-=|Mantra Peak|=-
Levels: (17)Riza, (17)Garlyle, (17)Pipin
Items: (2)Horn Water, (1)Green Bag, (1)Pure Ring
Enemies: Raizou, Nil, Skull Bird

Enter the mountain and grab the Horn Water out of the chest. Continue onward, and go under the bridge and grab the Green Bag in the next room. Keep continuing until it becomes dark outside. In the next room there a couple different paths to take. Behind the waterfall is a group of mantra mistresses. In the room to the left will be a waterfall. Keep walking left into center of the waterfall here and you'll slip down the waterfall. On the bottom of the waterfall contains a Level 17 Mimic. The mimic has a little over 1000HP and only gives you a Horn Water.

Then head through the middle door and talk with Zora. Choose the first option of Aqua and then say Nothing. Leave and go talk to the mistresses behind the waterfall. One of them will teach you a spell and the other will give you a Pure Ring. Then go talk to her again and ask to go down to the Netherworld.

-=|Limestone Cavern|=-
Levels: (19)Riza, (19)Garlyle, (19)Pipin
Items: (1)Fongoose
Enemies: Cultist (Red)

Go to the beginning of the line and talk to the Cultist. Then return to the end of the line. After the scene with the child, beat up the Cultist. One of them will escape and you'll follow the other down the river. Speak with the mermaid, Marina and then she'll run away. A fake of your mother will come trying to get you up. Don't get up. Wait until your real mother comes and she'll give you a new bow. If you try and get up, you'll be attacked by a group of Ghost's.

Then Marina will join your party. Drink out of the jar then exit the cave. Proceed to the next cave and be ready for the boss. Choose to fight him when you're are fully prepared.

Boss: Brusty
HP: 2500
Abilities: Cold Breath, Shoulder
Exp: 2848
Ragu: 1369
Drops: Horn Water
Weak: Fire

Strategy: This guy mainly uses earth mantras, but once in a while he'll use one of his other abilities. The earth attacks are mainly what you have to worry about. Try to beat this guy as quick as possible, fire attacks work best. PRATAHNA deals about 100-120 damage to each character, and will sometimes use it turn after turn. Luckily, he's slow so you can heal often without having to worry much. Just be sure to keep your health up.

After the fight, get the HolyTree Seed. Then be ready to fight, yet another boss. This one isn't quite as tough as the last one though. He'll attack you immediately as you leave through the portal leaving the Netherworld.

Boss: Karla
HP: 2000
Abilities: None.
Exp: 2325
Ragu: 1404
Drops: Moon Ring
Weak: None.

Strategy: She uses mainly earth and fire mantras. She's very vulnerable to regular attacks so just keep with that. Try and keep your health above 80, as some attacks can be very powerful.

After the battle, she realizes that you aren't of the shadow world. She then asks you to put the Holy Grail on top of the circle. The door will then close behind you.

Day 07

-=|Ruins of Ruhle|=-
Levels: (20)Riza, (20)Garlyle, (20)Pipin, (19)Marina
Items: (1)Rem Herb, (1)Horn Water
Enemies: Rugal, Batconner, Knave

Exit through the door, Surlent will be here looking at the clock. Notice how he looks undead, mainly because he is. Keep going down the stairs, until you reach a spilt. Take the top stairs to continue. There will be a chest here with a word in it. The word this time is V?RUS. This mantra is rather obvious since the missing letter is "I" which spells VIRUS. Then in the next room, get the Rem Herb and Horn Water out of the chests. Then exit the ruins.

Head north and then go into the northwest part of the pollution that is cleared out. Plant the seed in here. The seed will grow instantly pushing all of the pollutants away. Then exit the tree area and head southwest to the prison.

Go down the steps then rest in the bed located in the south room. Then go north. The door will be locked. So head down the nearby steps and into the back prison. Search the gourd-like things to get a Purifier. Search the skulls in the southeast corner and one of them will have a child in it. This child will open the door to get at the Moon Ring in the chest. Then exit the prison and head south to Sodom.

-=|Ruins of Sodom|=-
Levels: (25)Riza, (25)Garlyle, (25)Pipin, (25)Marina
Items: (1)King Bear
Enemies: Shastel, Dullahan, Bolt Sword

First go inside the house. Go through the broken hole in the left side and talk with Surlent. After speaking with Surlent the doors in this castle are now able to be open. Go through the bottom door on the right for 260 Ragu. Then go through the door on the top. Go up the steps and to the outside. Continue the path and go down the steps near the bed with the mouse in it. Get the 240 Ragu from the chest then go back to where the mouse is. Take the left path. Read the manual here, then go down the ladder and get the King Bear from the chest.

The Biotank Manual states this:

If you want to be the king of the world, turn the knobs as following:

Machine of the Moon: Turn to the right
Machine of the Planet: Turn to the right
Machine of the Sun: Turn to the left

If you want the world to be in peace, turn the knobs like this:

Machine of the Moon: Turn to the left
Machine of the Planet: Turn to the right
Machine of the Sun: Turn to the left

When you're ready exit the castle.

Day 08

This is the day that sky islands fall from well, the sky. So go north and visit the Town of Roma. Marina will see clean water and place the egg here. Then exit the town and head south east to the new connecting continent that carries Gomorrah City.

-=|Gomorrah City|=-
Levels: (27)Riza, (26)Garlyle, (26)Pipin
Items: (2)Horn Water, (2)Purifier, (1)Spirits, (1)Thunder'sTail
Enemies: Payler, NergalSoul

From the looks if it, this town has severe pollution problems. In the southwest corner of town, in some bowls, a Horn Water and a Purifier can be found. Outside of the house in southwest corner of town, east of the doorway, follow the path to a treasure containing a strength minus mantra. IN?AKE, I haven't figured this one out yet. Then go to the southeast corner of town. Search the bowls here for some spirits. Enter the house here and go down the ladder for another Purifier. Then go back outside head to the house in the north-east part of town.

Go down the ladder and then follow along the wall west. Go through the door here and get the Thunder'sTail out of the chest. This is a weaker rifle, but keep it for later. Then head back to where the second ladder is. Go down this ladder and pull the switch. Then go back up the ladder. Go around the wall south and pull this switch to go down the elevator.

Beat the Mad Player that's in front of the screen, then Pipin will disappear. Beat another Mad Player with only Riza and Garlyle, then Garlyle will disappear. Go into the next room and speak with the flashing dude here. After that you will awaken.

Talk to Pipin on the right. He is in a dream about being king. Choose the first answer for all the questions then Pipin will join you. Then go to the left side and speak with Garlyle. Garlyle's dream is a little different than Pipin's.

First, choose the answer of "Help the mermaid." Then choose the answer of "No, I can't get married." Third, choose the answer of "I protect people." Finally choose the answer of "I love her." Then Garlyle will join you again. Then be ready to fight a boss. Go to the monitor in the upper right corner and heal yourself. Then go to the monitor in the upper left corner and choose one of the characters.

Boss: Laumen
HP: 5000
Abilities: Scan
Exp: 3885
Ragu: 1205
Drops: None.
Weak: None.

Strategy: He doesn't have any general mantra weaknesses, and he also uses a wide variety of mantras. First, don't equip any defensive equipment that use the defense of wind or water. Otherwise, this guy will destroy you. Also at the beginning of the fight cast these four spells, VIRUS, TOUNAREEM, IGNAREEM, and SUNA. These spells being, Spirit Down, Def Vs. Lightning, Def Vs. Fire, and Spirit Up. Then use normal attacks with Garlyle, and use mantras with Pipin until his MP is depleted. For Riza, just use mantras. The Def Vs. Element spells only seem to last three turns, but the other spells seem to last the entire fight. To make the fight even easier, cast some attack up and defense down spells like POWERUP for an attack boost and SOFT for a defense down spell. Also, when he uses his scan ability, that means the following turn he'll use a powerful single target mantra on that person.

Then retrieve the Mother Energy from Laumen and exit the house. Notice there will be another dog there. Speak to the dogs and the new dog will give you a Harvest Seed. Then return to Sodom Ruins. Go into the hole in the wall on the left side of the room upstairs. Take the left path and put the Harvest Seed in the jar. The bookcase will move revealing the hole in the wall. Go upstairs and read the book. As you read the book, the dead Cultist's will start to move in. When you get the last page you'll be attacked by five mahogany chairs.

Enemy: MahogChair
HP: 600
Abilities: Ghosttremor, Poltergeist, Ghostflame
Mantras: None.
Exp: 1000
Ragu: 0
Drops: None.
Weak: None.

Strategy: These enemies aren't very strong, but there's a particular way to beat them. Wait for the spirit in the center to use Deluge. This is the chair that you want to attack. You can't defeat the other chairs until you beat the possessed one. After this battle, you have to fight a king.

Boss: KingEltina
HP: 3000
Abilities: Ghosttremmor, Pollution Ghost
Exp: 4998
Ragu: 3000
Drops: None.
Weak: Light

Strategy: This guy mainly uses dark attacks, so just cast VIRUS on him right away. Then cast SERENAREEM and SUNA for darkness protection and spirit up. Then pummel him with holy mantras and regular attacks. He doesn't have too much health, so he should go down quickly. When he gets low on health he'll start to use Pollution Ghost.

After the fight, fall down the hole and grab the Key to Ruins off of the table. Exit the ruins and head back to Gomorrah City.

Day 09

-=|Gomorrah City|=-
Levels: (31)Riza, (30)Garlyle, (30)Pipin
Items: None.
Enemies: HungryHead, Payler, NergalSoul

Go to the house in the south-west corner. Go down the ladder and then go into the elevator. Since you have the key now, Open the locked door in this sewer. Now remember the information we saw in the Ruins of Sodom. About the Biotanks and etc. Well, this is the time to use that information.

If you want to be the king of the world, turn the knobs as following:

Machine of the Moon: Turn to the right
Machine of the Planet: Turn to the right
Machine of the Sun: Turn to the left

If you want the world to be in peace, turn the knobs like this:

Machine of the Moon: Turn to the left
Machine of the Planet: Turn to the right
Machine of the Sun: Turn to the left

So then that means that the knobs on the left must be turned left and the knobs on the right must be turned right. The only difference between the two are the knobs of the moon. If you want to be the king of the world, you die. If you want peace, the water will be purified and you'll gain access to the abyss.

Exit the tank area, and then take the right path through the hole. Go through the hole here that was once blocked. Then they'll open the path to the pyramid. First, go back to the Holy Tree.

The Holy Tree will have five Harvest Seed's around it, in which you can grab. The tree will then be fully grown, so he'll heal you now. Then head back to the undersea pyramid.

Day 10

-=|Undersea Pyramid|=-
Levels: (33)Riza, (33)Garlyle, (33)Pipin
Enemies: Pollyps, Crepida, Galoze

Go through the center part and Marina will be fighting a boss by herself. Go join in on the fight.

Boss: Abrasax
HP: 4500
Abilities: Stab-Throw, Pollution Gas
Exp: 4436
Ragu: 693
Drops: None.
Weak: Fire

Strategy: This guy uses mainly water mantras. Use mantras with Riza, Garlyle, and Pipin and attack when MP is gone. Just use regular attacks with Marina. His Stab-Throw attack is almost impossible not to die from.

After the battle Marina will join you. Press the button to release the Hegs. Then go down the stairs. Follow the left path around the wall and up the stairs. Drink from the jar then go back down to the spilt. Go north from the spilt and up the stairs. Press the button and release the hegs.

Then go downstairs. Take the left path and go past the stairs and press the button. Then go back and go down the nearby stairs. Grab the Mist Gun from the chest then head past the boss guarding the door and through the other door and save. Then head back to the boss.

Boss: Danapati
HP: 4500
Abilities: Water Pillar, Rain, Flood, Downpour, Deluge
Mantras: None.
Exp: 6492
Ragu: 1338
Drops: None.
Weak: Fire

Strategy: This boss is soooo easy. I only had to heal three times the entire battle. Normal attacks do an amazing amount of damage to this guy. I didn't even have to waste a mantra on him. Normal attacks do an average of 120 damage to him, and don't forget to mention the critical hits that happen on occasion.

After the fight head to the back room and ride the hegs to Lyla. The elder is in the house direct north from where you are. The bar in the southeast corner of town will teach you a new mantra.

AQUTEUM: Drink named after the Mother of the Ocean.

Then go to the forge and buy a new spear for Marina. When ready, talk to the hegs in the south side of town. Then they'll take you to the Vilshin Ruins.

Day 11

Exit the ruins and then head east to the forest.

(using your mouse, hold the left button down and highlight the section below)
At the Hidden Forest, the puzzle (works like a clock system. Starting at 9, you go around 12, 3, and then end at 6. So you would go like this from the starting location: West, North, East, South). Then go to the elder's house in the northern part of town.

After the long speech, Sion will come down and he'll trade you Heg's Ocarina for the Revive Herb. Then go to the sage's house in the southwest corner of town. Get the Vilshan Key from them and then go to the Vilshan Ruins in the northwest. Go to the building east of the first building. Get the Nuad Herb from the chest then look at the monitor.

Then go to the first building and down the steps to the Heg Shrine. The next destination is Mantra Peak. Go south around the bend and get to a big water area where it loops over and over from left to right. On the top somewhere will be a hole leading to the exit to Mantra Peak. Go to the top of peak and speak with Zora. She'll tell you to return to the Goddess Meifa.

The next place to go to is the village of Karn. From this cave go east and along the south edge there will be a entryway leading to the shrine that's near Karn. Then take the boat located in the southwest corner to the statue.

Day 12

-=|Statue of Meifa|=-
Levels: (38)Riza, (38)Garlyle, (38)Pipin, (37)Marina
Items: (1)Nuad Herb, (1)Dusk 909, (1)Queen's Coat, (1)Horn Water, (1)Purifier
Enemies: Mation, Holy Dog, PaylerHard

On the fourth floor there is a mantra puzzle here. PIKUGAZE?O is the word. The letter in this case is R. So then the mantra would be PIKUGAZERO. This will be very effective in the boss to come. For this spell decreases magic defense, which increases the power of your mantra greatly. Climb the tower all the way to the fifth floor. Then instead of going up the steps to the next floor, go through the door on the right side of the room. Go south down the steps and through another door. Get the Nuad Herb out of the chest then go through the door in the northwest corner indicated by the floor pattern. Then go all the way to the left and down the steps. Get the Dusk 909 and the Queen's Coat out of the sealed chests. Then go back and go up the steps. Drink from the jar then head back to the main area of the fifth floor. Then go left past the steps and save in the next room. Climb the stairs to the sixth floor, then get ready to fight Meifa.

Boss: Meifa
HP: 6500
Abilities: None.
Exp: 10492
Ragu: 1845
Drops: None.

Last updated on October 19, 2004,
by Kurt Reonis