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Aeon Genesis
Gideon Zhi translated this awesome game and released this second beta in July 2003. I'm not sure why it's not recognized more widely.

Rudra No Hihou on
I love GameFAQs. I've posted several of my Rudras works here and I frequent the forums.

Rudra No Hihou on
This is a newer site for me. The graphics are a bit much as I prefer a more simple look; but, to each their own. Currently the Neoseeker site only has copies of my works.

button_fantasyanime (26K)
The best overall site for Rudra information. I'd like to think that mine is the best; but it's not. I'm good at crunching data and I'm good at compiling the information; but, this site has much information as well as a graphically pleasing interface. Throw in the rest of the good stuff and this is the best site.

Treasure of the Rudras Shrine on
The beginning of something grand is here. Look for updates soon.

The Whirlpool
Has some comments about the game as well as links to various IPS patches. Kind of neat to see the various groups that worked on Rudra before it was finished.

Surlent Sprites
These sites have captured sprites.

rringbr (4K)
This webring appears to have a lot of information; unfortunately, I don't know a lick of Japanese. Here's a list of the sites on the webring. Also, here's the Babelfish translated URL if you'd like to read the transliterated version. If you find anything worthwhile on the Japanese sites, please let me know as I've been too lazy to browse them.

A French Site
Another French Site
I haven't seriously browsed these sites as they're in French; but, it is Rudra.

RPGC Agora Forum
A forum posting that has some interesting discussion about mantras and such.

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This is something to be proud of. It means that I can follow directions.

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