Rudra Logo (29K)
Spacer (1K)

It was kind of fun to create these maps. I walked around the entire map with the sprite layer turned off within zSNES. I captured screenshots and then from within Jasc's Paint Shop Pro, I merged the images into one large graphic.

Town of Karn Map

Map of the Town of Karn after it's flooded.

Karn_s (26K)

Forest of Rem Map

Another map. Starting to get burned out on maps...time to move onto another project.

Forest of Rem_s (36K)

Pure City Babel Maps

I had to cheat in the main map. I couldn't capture the upper right hand section, so I copied and pasted the remainder of the building from another building.

Pure City Babel_s (22K) Pure City Babel Docks (12K)
Pure City Babel Alley (13K)

Town of Len and Sigmund Glacier Maps

A couple of new maps. Nothing special about the Town of Len and the map for Sigmund Glacier has a similar story to Mantra Peak.

Town of Len_s (16K) Sigmund Glacier_s (21K)

Ruins of Sodom and Dannan Temple Maps

Nothing too extraordinary about these maps. They are part of the same overall map; but, there is a small difference. If you enter the Ruins of Sodom first and walk east to the Dannan Temple, the water at the temple is brown. If you enter Dannan Temple first and walk west to the Ruins of Sodom the water is pure!

I kind of like the feel for Dannan Temple, wouldn't everyone like to own a castle surrounded by a river and that has a waterfall cascading down the walls? Not quite sure how all of that water gets to the top of castle, nor am I sure on how much damage the constant water will have on the integrity of the walls...but who cares, it's cool.

Ruins of Sodom_s (21K) Dannan Temple_s (23K)

Mantra Peak, Sacred Forest and Sacred Gate Maps

I had some fun and headache creating these maps.

Mantra Peak
The Mantra Peak map has a repeating background that RnH scrolls over as well as clouds floating by. I captured the background and simply repeated it to fill in the uncovered area.

I had some difficulty capturing the waterfall that connects the upper portion with the lower. Keep in mind that I didn't want to capture the background (as I captured it separately), and I have no clue how to adjust the color and the transparency to make it appear realistic. After tinkering for a while, I think it turned out well.

I noticed that there is a treasure chest for Riza at the bottom of Mantra Peak. What I didn't know is how to get there. I then discovered that if you enter one of the interior rooms of Mantra Peak, you can fall into the pool and down the waterfall. Very cool.

Mantra Peak_s (24K)
Sacred Forest
This is a gorgeous map with the interlocking canopy of trees. Very peaceful. I neglected to capture the various treasure chests so I had to recapture the chests after catching that oversight.

I do need to revisit this map and capture it with Riza's mother at some point.

Sacred Forest 2 (9K) Sacred Forest_s (29K)
Sacred Gate
Another fun map that I had to cheat to capture the entire map. I still couldn't reach a couple of places and I copied other parts of the map to fill in the blank sections. In the lower left of the main map is a ladder. Unfortunately, I had to create a small section there that I couldn't reach. Also, in the upper right of the same map, I couldn't capture all of the ledge. Overall, I think my editing is fairly flawless.

One neat thing to note is the ledge in the upper left of the main map. You can see an entryway that takes you into the interior. No real use to it as it plops you behind one of the vendors; but I don't know why Square added this functional doorway.

These two maps are actually part of the same map. I've split them for cosmetic appeal; but, the way they're lined up here is how they're lined up in the game.

Sacred Gate's Gate_s (12K) Sacred Gate's Exterior_s (20K)

Cryunne Castle Map

Another map. This is of the exterior of Cryunne Castle.

Cryunne Castle_s (23K)


Another map. This is of the exterior of the Coliseum.

Coliseum (17K)

Vad and Danelf Town Maps

I've created maps of the towns Danelf and Vad. These are taken after the world as been purified. I prefer the cheerier look to the world after purification to the polluted one. And yes, the town maps are actually part of the same map. I don't know if anyone else cares for these maps; but, I like'em.

Danelf_s (55K) Vad_s (46K)

Aboveworld Map

This was an interesting map to make. Usually I follow a coast and match up the various graphic files. Since there's such a distance between each island, I had to overlay the graphics on a previous map to be sure my distances were perfectly accurate.

I struggled on the background for a while. I wanted to capture both the clouds and the continents but due to the continents scrolling to imitate a three-dimensional appearance they are smaller than I liked. So, I just used the clouds. If you notice, it's a simple repeating pattern and could make a pretty background to a web site. This is my final overland map that I needed to make. I've been flirting with making some interior maps; but, my plate is full with other Rudra projects already started.

Aboveworld (38K)

Underwater Map

An aboveworld map is the last themed map I need to make. The underwater map only has a few locations and you can see them listed.

Underwater (40K)

Underground Map

A new map! This is the underground map with all locations listed. You can tell that the land and water have already been purified. If I get bored, I'll work on the polluted map as well as it's much more somber.

Underground (34K)

Day 1 Map

Another day, another map.

Day 1 Map (78k)

Map of the World on Day 1.

Day 8 and Day 15 Maps

This took a bit of time. But the full size maps are exact screen captures of every square inch available to travel on when on the world map. Obviously the world is much more alive (and pretty) after it is purified. I'll be adding more Day maps as I replay the game.

Day 8 Map (78k)

Day 15 Map (95k)

Map of the World on Day 8.

Map of the World on Day 15.

Last updated on February 14, 2005,
by Kurt Reonis