Rudra Logo (29K)
Spacer (1K)

Spacer (1K) Name Type Description Sells
Small_Picture Alarum Item Resurrects an ally 100
Small_Picture Amrita Item Restores your HP and MP 1,400
Small_Picture Black Bag Item Bag of offensive spells 30
Small_Picture Clothing Bag Item Bag of various spells 40
Small_Picture Flight Stone Item To escape from a fight 420
Small_Picture Green Bag Item Bag of healing spells 6
Small_Picture Harvest Seed Item Frut restores 5 HP 9
Small_Picture Horn Water Item Restores 100 MP 210
Small_Picture Life Leaf Item Increases your HP by 20 2,100
Small_Picture Magic Leaf Item Increases your MP by 10 3,500
Small_Picture Medical Herb Item Restores 50 HP 6
Small_Picture Mystery Bag Item Bag with unknown effects 50
Small_Picture Nasty Water Item Restores 15 MP 19
Small_Picture Nuad Herb Item Restores 200 HP 350
Small_Picture Panacaea Item Cures abnormal status 90
Small_Picture Purifier Item Cure Pollution status 500
Small_Picture Red Bag Item Bag of basic spells 3
Small_Picture Rem Herb Item Restores 100 HP 50
Small_Picture Spirits Item Increases abilities 100
Small_Picture Tasty Water Item Restores 30 MP 9
Small_Picture White Bag Item Bag of offensive spells 10
Small_Picture Aqua Stone Plot Item Mermaids' Lago Stone Unsellable
Small_Picture Chaos Stone Plot Item Humans' Lago Stone Unsellable
Small_Picture Dannan Stone Plot Item Danans' Lago Stone Unsellable
Small_Picture Diving Parts Plot Item Submarine parts Unsellable
Small_Picture FalseCropSeed Plot Item Fruit from the Tree Unsellable
Small_Picture Garm Stone Plot Item Key to the Temple of Mayur Unsellable
Small_Picture Heg's Ocarina Plot Item Calls the Hegs Unsellable
Small_Picture Holy Grail Plot Item Holy Grail Receptacle Unsellable
Small_Picture HoyTree Seed Plot Item Seed of the Tree Unsellable
Small_Picture Key to Babel Plot Item Key to Babel's warehouses Unsellable
Small_Picture Key to Ruins Plot Item Key to the Bio-tanks Unsellable
Small_Picture Magma Stone Plot Item To cross the magma Unsellable
Small_Picture Memento Plot Item Form of Riza's Mother Unsellable
Small_Picture Mother Energy Plot Item Energy of Vilshan's PCs Unsellable
Small_Picture Ogre Stone Plot Item Giants' Lago Stone Unsellable
Small_Picture Revive Herb Plot Item Wards away death Unsellable
Small_Picture Saura Stone Plot Item Reptiles' Lago Stone Unsellable
Small_Picture Stabilizer Plot Item Calms the sandstorms Unsellable
Small_Picture Vilshan Key Plot Item Key of Vilshan Unsellable
Small_Picture Warp Energy Plot Item For the Warp of Vilshan Unsellable

Last updated on October 19, 2004,
by Kurt Reonis